Day make-up: liquid foundation and correction of eyebrows

Day make-up: liquid foundation and correction of eyebrows

The most important secret of make-up is his naturalness. The make-up gives to the face natural beauty and hides small shortcomings. But it is also important that cosmetics on face was not noticeable.

For day make-up necessary condition is bright natural light, and it is the best of all to put mirror on window sill, but if there is no such opportunity, then try to create bright lighting. For make-up are used bed tone. Dark shades best of all will be suitable for evening. The main rule is the emphasis either on lips, or on eyes. At the same time is not necessary at all. Well you shade tone means at the line of growth of hair. Otherwise it will look ugly. 

Liquid foundation. The adjusting means

Means for masking of shortcomings have dense, not transparent texture. It is better to put them before use of liquid foundation. Foundation has to correspond to tone of skin. If under eyes dark circles, the concealer of light pink color helps. It is impossible to mask stack open wounds. It is possible to bring infection easily. Do not try to cover shortcomings of skin with thick layer of foundation. It is better to choose cream under skin type. It will longer keep and more exactly to lay down. Liquid foundation is applied with thin layer. For faultless make-up use sponge or special brush. The make-up will be more resistant if after putting foundation to blot face with napkin to remove surplus of cream. Liquid foundation is put not only on face, but also on neck and decollete (for example if open dress). If skin dry, use cream with the moistening effect. At dry face skin creamy means which contain emollient oils.

Color and shape of eyebrows

Expressiveness and the correct face proportions depend on form and color of eyebrows. Thin eyebrows well will suit girls small features. For girls with large – wide eyebrows. The shape of eyebrows is adjusted by special gel. At correction of eyebrows tweezers note white pencil of the place which need to be corrected. It is better to pull out eyebrows in the direction of their growth. Ice pieces will help to lower pain. After the procedure around eyebrows lotion is applied. The nose bridge should have no too dense eyebrows and thin at the end. The eyebrow has to keep width on all its extent, only by the end has to be narrowed a little. The pulled-out eyebrows in thread give to the face surprise expression. Follow natural bend, giving the form to eyebrows. Thus, you receive ideal eyebrows for the person. For accurate and bright eyebrows it is necessary to tint them special pencil for eyebrows. It is necessary to select pencil on tone is lighter, than hair. Too dark eyebrows look unnaturally and do features sharp.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team