Decolorization of hair on body: rules of holding procedure

Decolorization of hair on body: rules of holding procedure

Sbrivaniye of undesirable hair brings lot of trouble as they grow again for 2-3 day. But there is also other way to get rid of vegetation on body – clarification. It is possible to make it in several ways therefore choose what is pleasant to you more.

Try to clarify hair hydrogen peroxide. Moisten cotton pad or small piece of bandage and wipe problem zone. If you clarify hair standing, then can make compress. Impregnate bandage with solution and apply to skin for 10 minutes. Perhydrol is not recommended to be used at individual intolerance. Surely carry out the test for allergic reaction.

If you have dark hair which badly give in to clarification, then use mix of shaving foam, peroxide of hydrogen and food alcohol (the recommended proportion 1:1). Apply the received structure to skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Emergence of burning and reddening of skin is possible. In completion of the procedure carefully wash away residues of mix and oil body olive or baby. If you have any problems with skin, for example, the increased pigmentation or other new growths, it is undesirable to carry out clarification of hair.

For clarification of hair on body it is possible to use also specially developed means. It can be both gels, and creams. Take an interest about their availability in shops which trade in cosmetic goods. When choosing means pay attention to for what type of skin and hair it is intended. Start clarification of hair only if on body there are no wounds, scratches or pimples. You apply cream to clean and dry skin by means of special shovel. Carefully wash away the clarifying structure on the expiration of time which is specified in the instruction for application. For clarification of hair on body or on face it is impossible to use usual paint which contains ammonia. If all above-mentioned ways have not helped you, visit beauty shop. To you or will clarify vegetation on body, or will advise to remove it by means of photoepilation.

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