Decorative cosmetics - advantage or harm for health?

Decorative cosmetics - advantage or harm for health?

cosmetics is present at dressing table of most of modern women. And not only beauty, but also health of skin, mucous, and sometimes and all organism in general depends on its right choice.

Ink and lipstick - dangerous bacteria close

Ink and lipstick are those cosmetic accessories which women use most often. And they are tidbits for various bacteria. Soft ink and lipstick which constantly adjoin to mucous as sponge absorb everything that is in the eyes and lips.

The bacteria which have settled on face get to tubes. In the damp environment they breed with improbable speed. And during the following make-up get on the person again, causing various reactions. Except innocent itch it can be various rashes, has swelled, etc. To avoid it, follow instructions for use of decorative cosmetics:

- surely wash ink brush after each use before returning it to tube, dry wipe cotton towel; - you apply lipstick with brush which also wash every time after use; - regardless of expiration date do not make up eye with the ink discovered more than six months ago; - making up eyes and try not to touch lip mucous, it is most susceptible to bacteria; - if you do not want to catch infectious disease, do not use samplers in shops; - buy only quality cosmetics in special outlets, you do not pursue low cost, you cannot precisely know what will be in no name tube.

Instead of blush it is possible to use powder of color of suntan or lipstick. Then you should not be spent for additional cosmetic.

These simple rules will reduce risk of developing of disease because of use of ink and lipstick to minimum. And favourite cosmetics will please you long months.

Powder or foundation - advantage or harm for skin

Despite all efforts of the cosmetologists-dermatologists participating in creation of the tinting means, powder and foundation are still not so safe as they like to speak about it in advertizing. This decorative cosmetics what light texture it would not be, strongly hammers time. At the skin inclined to fat content, it causes appearance of pimples since grease tubules cannot how before to remove excess of fat, and are corked. The bacteria which have got on skin together with tone means cause inflammation, and the gnoynichok is formed. And use of powder and foundation threatens owners of dry and normal skin with increase in quantity of wrinkles. Cosmetics are hammered into small cracks, every day increasing them.

Do not give to strangers the cosmetics. The closest girlfriend can be the carrier of infection and not know about it.

That face skin did not suffer, instead of use of the tinting means be engaged in her health. You descend to the cosmetologist, make peeling, mask, get rid of greasy luster and wide time. Visit sunbed. Beautiful brilliant skin does not need the tinting means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team