Decorative cosmetics: attention of fake!

Decorative cosmetics: attention of fake!

, even in large known shops counterfeit decorative cosmetics sometimes is on sale. Buying such product, you can spend a lot of money on at best low-quality, and in the worst also unhealthy products.

Pay attention to packing. It is easiest way to distinguish low-quality fake. Badly printed letters, the greased inscriptions, glue traces, obviously cheap materials – all this signs of forgeries. It is very good if you bought before original decorative cosmetics of this brand: to you to what will compare, and you will be able to notice difference. Pay special attention to logo: if it is changed even slightly, before you for certain fake. Also inscriptions are important: on packing all necessary data, including the name of the brand, structure, expiration date, date of production, description of goods have to be specified.

The barcode has to be qualitatively printed, not greased. It is also important to verify the initial figures designating the manufacturing country. If they do not match the original, you should not buy such goods. Pay attention and to compliance of the barcode to the specified manufacturing country. For example, if on packing it is written "Made in France", the barcode has to begin with numbers from 300 to 360. If it begins with 690, so the goods are actually executed in China and are fake. It is also necessary to remember that on quality decorative cosmetics the lot number, as a rule, is specified, and its absence can become sign of fake.

Buy cosmetics in good shops, but not cheap stalls. It considerably increases chance to buy quality goods, though does not give guarantees. Pay attention and to the price. Quality original decorative cosmetics, as a rule, costs rather much therefore too low price has to guard you. If there is opportunity, estimate products smell. Lipstick, ink, eyeliner and other decorative cosmetics from famous brands usually or has light pleasant aroma, or almost does not smell. Obvious "synthetic" smell it becomes frequent sign of fakes. The exception is made only by nail varnishes. Sometimes it is possible to define fake only after purchase. The ink forming lumps, the powder doing skin unnatural, foundation which badly lays down – all this for certain fakes. Producers of quality expensive cosmetics value the reputation and do not dare to turn out such products and to sell it to clients.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team