Dense eyebrows: how to pull out them without serious consequences

Dense eyebrows: how to pull out them without serious consequences

Correction of eyebrows by means of tweezers – very unpleasant procedure which is followed by pain, reddening and irritation of skin, lachrymation. However, all this can be avoided if to learn to pull out eyebrows correctly.


1. Do not delete hairs with tweezers during periods. Scientists have found out that in critical days the susceptibility to pain sharply increases, and it means that plucking out of eyebrows will become even more unpleasant, than usually.

2. Whenever possible adjust eyebrows after acceptance of shower or bathtub. There is also other option – to properly warm up skin by means of wet hot towel. Some cosmetologists are sure that thanks to expansion of time the plucking out of eyebrows after such procedures becomes much less painful.

3. Try to cool skin with ice cubes. Sometimes such procedure considerably reduces pain. You remember: this way suits not all therefore if plucking out of eyebrows after skin wiping by ice did not become less unpleasant, do not repeat this procedure further.

4. Accurately grease skin near eyebrows with the anesthetizing solution which part benzocaine is. Then wait 5-7 minutes and start removal of excess hairs. Be careful and do not allow hits of solution in eyes!

5. Try every time to delay skin before wrest of hair – it will lower pain. Pull out eyebrows only on growth of hair not to allow appearance of wounds.

6. If in the course of removal of excess hairs you have noticed that on skin the blood droplet has acted, at once process wound disinfecting solution. Otherwise you will feel the slight aching pain for a long time.

7. Grease eyebrows with nutritious face cream and wait 7-10 minutes. As a rule, during this time cream is absorbed in skin, and it becomes easier to pull out eyebrows. Painful feelings after such procedure also decrease.

8. Prepare the calming grass broth, then moisten in it cotton tampon and apply to skin near eyebrows. It is recommended to do it as before removal of excess hairs, and later. As for the recipe of broth, it is necessary to select it individually. You can use camomile, linden flowers, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team