Deodorants with zinc content: harm or advantage?

Deodorants with zinc content: harm or advantage?

is natural process of human body which is necessary for maintenance of normal thermal control. However often this process is followed by unpleasant smell which people aim to disguise by means of various deodorants among which – antiperspirant with zinc. Such deodorant and what else you should not use that there were no problems with health is how useful/is harmful?

Zinc deodorants

The main function of deodorant is destruction of the bacteria causing unpleasant smell of sweat. The antiperspirant which part zinc is in addition has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, however it is possible to apply it, following certain rules. It is possible to apply it only to dry skin in quite small quantities, using at the same time cotton pad.

Dermatologists recommend to use zinc deodorants exclusively in case of emergency and at very strong sweating.

Also the advantage of antiperspirant with zinc is that it narrows channels of sweat glands and for some time blocks their vigorous activity. On it its pluses come to an end – at frequent use the zinc deodorant clogs up pores therefore skin of armpits darkens, is irritated and becomes covered by the rash causing burning. High concentrations of zinc do harm to health therefore it is necessary to use such deodorant very carefully.

Other hazardous substances in deodorants

It is also necessary to be careful when using deodorants which part butane, propane and isobutane are – they can make sick, headache, dizziness and are capable to collect in milk of the feeding women. The polypropylene glycol and polyethyleneglycol destroying kidneys and liver and also the compounds of aluminum blocking the time preventing normal potovydeleniye and accumulating in organism are not less harmful. Contents in deodorant of BHT antioxidant leads to violations in reproductive system and provokes deficiency of vitamin D, increasing risk of development of osteoporosis.

The perfumed fragrances in deodorants are also not harmless – they can cause irritation of skin, asthma, allergy and dizziness.

Popular antiperspirants with antibacterial means triclosan destroy not only harmful, but also useful bacteria. Besides, triclosan kills natural microflora and causes injury of liver, allergic reactions and weakening of skin immunity. Deodorants with linalyl ester are capable to cause violations in work of airways and condition of depression. The ideal decision in that case is the deodorant from natural mineral salt which has 100% safety, does not clog up pores and prevents development of the harmful bacteria causing unpleasant smell of sweat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team