Depilation by hot wax

Depilation by hot wax

Depilation by wax is way of removal of indumentum from skin. One of the most effective ways of fight against undesirable hair on body and face. How does this procedure happen? How to look after skin after depilation?

The problem of excess hair is familiar almost to all: both to women, and men. There is set of ways of the solution of this question: shaving, laser epilation, removal of hair by means of epilators, cream for depilation. But all of them or do not give instant effect, or injure skin, causing irritation, the grown hairs, or result remains not for long. All this turns process of care for body into hated torture. Depilation by wax is optimum ratio of all parameters: quickly, purely, for a long time.

The procedure takes place as follows. The surface of skin is cleaned by means of lotion, skin has to be ideally clean. Later apply wax to skin (happens cold, warm, hot). The choice of wax depends on zone which will be depilated. Hot wax is used most often in salons, cold it is intended for use of the house (wax strips). But you can choose any kind of wax, all of them are available (sets for depilation by hot and warm wax can be found and ordered on the Internet). Let's consider putting warm wax on body. It is put by means of the roll-on system cartridge on growth of hair. Wax almost instantly stiffens on hairs and is removed by means of special paper, against growth of hair. Then means after depilation of hair are applied to skin. They calm skin, narrow pores, slow down growth of new hairs.

Of course, depilation by wax is rather painful procedure. But it lasts long not. For owners of very sensitive skin cream anesthetics have been invented. They can be got in drugstore and to put according to the instruction.

During the procedure together with hairs, dead skin cells are removed that does it smooth and velvety. But in the first several times it can lead to irritation (reddening, small white heat-spots). Do not squeeze out them at all! Dirt has got to open time and they have inflamed. At constant use of wax, skin gets used and pores are narrowed quicker. For removal of irritation and fast healing it is necessary to wipe skin with solution of chlorhexidin. Cream and the ointments containing dekspantenol also have the healing effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team