Depilation by sugar in house conditions. House sugaring

Depilation by sugar in house conditions. House sugaring

the razor is also the easiest way of disposal of unnecessary hairs, but effect of it very short-term. And cuts and irritations spoil not only mood, but also appearance of the processed area. And the method which is thought up still by Cleopatra is effective and today. Depilation by sugar in house conditions — the effective and simple procedure allowing to get rid for a long time of hated hairs.

Depilation by sugar

Pluses of the procedure is its low prime cost. For preparation of structure it is required to buy sugar and lemon. Though the sugaring can also lead to irritation, and some ladies have individual intolerance to this procedure. Effect duration — too undoubted plus. In comparison with the razor, the sugaring does legs smooth for the term of about 1.5 months. And, having endured 1 time pain, it is possible to go joyfully about 6 weeks with open legs. And if to compare, then pain from depilation by sugar is much lower, than from wax depilation.

Sugaring in house conditions

It is very simple to make depilation house sugar. There are practically no difficulties in preparation. It is possible to make either cold paste, or hot. It is possible to remove sticky mix from skin by means of wax strip, and it is possible also hands. The difference of the procedure from wax is that the structure is caused on growth of hair. And it is possible to make sticky ball which should be rolled on skin.

Sugar paste for depilation very simply is prepared. In fire-resistant capacity 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and juice from half of lemon are put. Having put mix on fire, it is necessary to watch well it, constantly stirring slowly. Otherwise it is possible to spoil all paste. Mix on fire after boiling keeps about 10 min. Then paste needs to be removed from fire and to cool up to the temperature, acceptable for skin.

To check whether mix is correctly prepared, it is necessary to take fingers a little paste and to take for a drive in hands. Mix should not stick to skin of hands.

Hair for processing of sugaring have to be about 6 mm long. Before the procedure skin needs to be cleaned well, otherwise the desirable effect will not be reached.

By means of shovel, mix is applied on growth of hair, and then the strip from cotton is imposed so that there was small site, free from paste. Thickness of the imposed mix has to be small. Now it is necessary to wait a little until paste sticks to strip. Having convinced that paste was fixed, it is necessary to pull the sharp movement against growth of hair strip. That the painful effect was weaker, it is necessary to hold the site of skin with hand below processed.

It is impossible to pull strip sideways or up at all. Otherwise it will be very sore.

If the processed site very sensitive, then is better to do depilation on small parts.

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