Depilation or epilation: the razor against wax

Depilation or epilation: the razor against wax

Removal of excess hair on body is problem which modern women and men should face. Procedures of epilation and depilation have the advantages and shortcomings.

In fight against excess hairs on body perform both depilation, and epilation now. At depilation there is removal only of upper part of hair acting over skin. This method has the merits and demerits.

Depilation call removal of hair by means of the razor or special chemical creams. Certainly, this method is rather convenient, bezboleznenen. Such procedures can be carried out with ease and in house conditions. But many cosmetologists consider use of the razor inexpedient.

At sbrivaniye of hair they begin to grow even more intensively. Besides, the sharp tip of the shaved hair can grow into skin and at the same time provoke inflammation. If to use the razor often, over time skin will coarsen and it will become more difficult to hairs to make the way through outer layer of epidermis. It can lead to emergence of inflammatory elements on body. To avoid all these problems, it is necessary to use srub more often. Use of the razor is quite dangerous. Shaving can lead to formation of cuts which will heal long enough. The most important lack of such method of removal of hair - nondurable effect. Skin will remain smooth only 1-2 days then it will be necessary to pick up the razor again. Hair removal cream allows to get rid of body hair approximately for 1 week. But such means has number of shortcomings. It is necessary to use it very carefully as non-compliance with the instruction can lead to formation of slight chemical burns or cause serious irritation. Means has rather unpleasant smell and can cause burning sensation when drawing on body. Such way of depilation is categorically contraindicated to people with sensitive skin and also those who on the processed parts of the body has grazes and cuts.

When carrying out epilation it is possible to take hairs from skin together with bulb or to destroy bulb. The most widespread kind of epilation is removal of hair by means of wax. This way is very effective and effective. Hot wax is on sale in jars. Before application such product needs to be warmed and further to apply to skin. It is possible to tear off hairs by means of applying and otryvaniye from the leather of fabric strips processed by wax. Cold wax is already applied on basis in industrial conditions. The procedure of waxing is rather painful, but at the same time is effective. The effect after such epilation remains for several weeks. Unlike shaving, this way of removal of hair does not harm skin and does not promote growth of undesirable vegetation. After each procedure of epilation the hair will become is thinner, and will grow more slowly. Besides waxing there is still laser epilation, electroepilation and photoepilation. All these methods are very effective, but at the same time they are expensive. However, some of them are capable to save the person from excess hair once and for all for only several procedures.

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