Description of properties of essential oils

Description of properties of essential oils

oils render healing, restoring, calming or, on the contrary, exciting action on the person. Are actively used in cosmetology at production of decorative and ukhodovy cosmetics, in perfumery and medicine and also at massage and meditation.

In the list given below the most widespread oils and their properties:

  1. It is used at nervous exhaustion, depression, well reduces stress and tension. Also has antiseptic and bactericidal effect, it is added to many anti-inflammatory creams and ointments.
  2. As well as the majority of citrus is actively used by production of body creams and persons, nourishes and tones up skin. Has exciting effect on brain of the person, it is useful to people, it is difficult to them to focus on work.
  3. Improves concentration. Has the stimulating, restoring and analgesic effect.
  4. Bai (version myrtles). Helps at diseases of joints and bones, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. It is actively used by production of cosmetics for hair, positively influences their growth, eliminates dandruff, itch and peelings.
  6. Treats headaches, migraines, spasms. Helps at insomnia, reduces stress.
  7. Strong aphrodisiac. Helps to relax after physical or psychological overstrain. Increases elasticity and flexibility of skin, tones up and rejuvenates it, fights against age changes.
  8. Fights against inflammations on skin (pimples, eels, acne), gives it elasticity. It is irreplaceable in fight against cellulitis.
  9. Tones up skin, improves microblood circulation. It is actively used at prevention and treatments of catarrhal diseases, struggles with viruses. Gives feeling of cheerfulness, improves mood.
  10. The essential oil having positive impact on any type of skin. Feeds and moistens it, fights against reddenings, inflammations, small wrinkles and pigmental spots.
  11. Ylang-ylang. One of the most universal oils. Is suitable for skin, hair and nails care.
  12. Removes the naggers, reddening and irritation.
  13. Renders the strong calming effect, adjusts on quiet, positive harmony. Stimulates work of hair bulbs, accelerates growth of hair.
  14. One more universal oil. It is actively used in skin and hair care.
  15. Stimulates working activity, invigorates and loads with energy. Tones up and smoothes skin, it is used in body care.
  16. Eliminates inflammations, renders the cooling and calming effect.
  17. Has the antibacterial and disinfecting effect.
  18. Fir oil well reduces stress and fatigue, helps to relax after the unlucky working day. Removes hypostases and inflammations, tightens skin.
  19. Pink tree. Moisturizes the dry skin, calms sensitive. Renders the bleaching and rejuvenating effect. Ether of pink tree is useful at fight against freckles and pigmental spots.
  20. Renders the bactericidal and disinfecting effect. Helps at sore throat and congestion of nose.

Before use of essential oils it is necessary to consult with the expert – there is number of restrictions, such as pregnancy, individual intolerance and some diseases.

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