Design of nails by means of foil

Design of nails by means of foil

At the modern girl a lot of time for creation of ideal image including the first-class manicure leaves. Hands always fix eyes of men because beautiful and healthy nails speak about much. Execution of the drawing by means of foil became original novelty today.

Neyl-art every day wins the increasing popularity. As soon as there were first works with use of foil, only celebrities and wealthy people were able to afford it. Today many masters seize this technology. At herself on nails practically any girl who will study the principle of putting material can make the unique drawing.

What foil is used for manicure?

To issue the beautiful drawing with glossy covering, it is necessary to know technology of drawing and to distinguish types. Today for manicure such foil is used: • Listovaya. It is on sale in rolls. Is the most popular with manicurists because very thin, is issued in numerous color scale and with drawings.

  • Imprinted. On each leaf the texture. It can be both opaque, and volume. • Thermal. This foil has received such name because it is imposed on nail plate when heating. Thanks to it she lays down exactly and easily. • Stickers. Such foil in small boxes where it is filled by small multi-colored pieces with sticky basis is on sale.

For design of nails you should not use usual food foil. Its structure differs markedly from that which is used by masters. It will not lay down exactly on nail and will spoil all picture.

For creation of the unique drawing it is necessary to cut so much foil how many it is required on 10 nails. It is necessary to measure small pieces of rectangular shape. They need to be tried on previously on each finger. They have to cover nail completely. After that it is necessary to apply colourless varnish on nail plate and to allow to dry a little. On the same base it is necessary to put glue. As soon as it dries, tweezers put each piece of foil the opaque party to nail. It should be smoothed with special shovel that vials of air did not remain between foil and glue. At the last stage it is necessary to cover the glossy drawing with transparent varnish in order that manicure long kept the original form.

It is possible to create own design from foil. It is worth showing imagination. Manicure of own design will surprise and will admire people around.

Material for execution of the drawing is used not only for full covering. By means of foil it is possible to create unique graphic drawings with intricate elements. The same tools are necessary for such manicure. It is necessary to use sheet foil because it the thinnest also is easily glued on varnish. Cut preparation of expected form and the size. If you want to make the drawing on nail tip, then it is worth taking pieces more. Superfluous it is possible to remove by means of file or scissors. For creation of unusual design it is possible to use pieces of different flowers. Now you knew that it is necessary for manicure in which the foil is used, so, you will be able easily to apply the design abilities. It is possible to use the ideas from the Internet. Effectively manicure with continuous metal covering looks. By means of rich variety of flowers it is possible to create the most unusual neyl-art.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team