Devices for nail care in house conditions

Devices for nail care in house conditions

Nail care in house conditions significantly becomes simpler if to use special devices. It is important to pick up that model which to you will be convenient to be used.

Devices for nail care carry the name of "the machine for manicure/pedicure". All existing models can be divided into three big categories conditionally: professional devices, semi-professional and for house use. The last are considered as the most useless if care not only for nails, but also full-fledged pedicure with skin processing by foot is required.

Influences the cost of the device: power, brand, number of functions. So, for example, the powerful professional model is almost always twice more expensive, than nonprofessional, equipped with set of additional functions.

For home care of nails it is worth paying attention to models which contain several devices in one at once. For example, the machine for manicure + the hair dryer for varnish drying + hydromassage bath. Such multi-function printer usually does not take a lot of place, but successfully copes with comprehensive care behind nails. First, it is possible to make the steaming-out nail bath (the hydromassage improves blood circulation in fingers), then to execute hardware manicure, and after putting varnish also to quickly dry up it. If to addition there are also nozzles for pedicure, then the price to the device will not be. Manicure and pedicure, at the small power of the device, can be carried out on the mixed technology: at first "wet" procedures (soaking and steaming), then hardware way of care for nails.

The cost of such device is not so high as it is possible to think as usually it belongs to the category "the machine for house use", but not to professional models.

Semi-professional models of devices for nail care are usually slightly more powerful, than for house use. It means that it is necessary to use them with bigger care not to put itself trauma. First, it is necessary to select correctly nozzles for implementation of any given procedure. The description of nozzles and their purpose can be found in the instruction to specific model. Secondly, if there is regulator of speeds, then it is worth beginning work with small turns to get used to the device. Besides, removal, for example, of cuticle is always recommended to be carried out at small speed. Otherwise there is risk to cut grooves on nails which will cause inconveniences.

Semi-professional models are usually produced by universal. That is, both for manicure, and for pedicure. It is convenient for home care of nails as it is possible to process both legs, and hands at once.

It is irrational to buy professional models of devices for nail care for house use. First, work with such machines demands experience and skill. Secondly, too big turns of rotation of nozzles pose serious health hazard of nails. So, for example, one careless movement can lead to full perepilivaniye of nail plate that affects also its growth, and her health. Professional models stand 10 times more other categories because are designed for big loading and variety of works. In house conditions there is no need to use such devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team