Difficult choice: lipstick or gloss

Difficult choice: lipstick or gloss

Women constantly appear before the choice: trousers or skirt, heels or flat sole. Doing make-up of lips, it is necessary to decide what to use: lipstick or gloss. Both means have the pluses and minuses.

Protective properties

There is opinion that lip gloss suits girls, and for women of advanced age there is lipstick. Several decades ago it was valid the truth. Now producers of cosmetics have improved formulas. Lipsticks became more transparent and lighter, and gloss has got density and saturation of color. How to decide on the choice?

Lipstick has dense texture due to which perfectly protects lips from crusting even in the most hard frost. Use of gloss is fraught with emergence of cracks on skin of lips in the winter. And here both means can provide protection against harmful effects of sunlight if at their structure there are SPF filters.


The main advantage of lipstick before lip gloss consists in her firmness. She is capable to sustain several hours regardless of weather conditions. At the same time the lack of lipstick follows from here: it begins to be erased in the place of contact of lips. It looks not esthetically, and to correct make-up on the run is very problematic. Lip gloss keeps less time and is erased the same as lipstick. But, thanks to transparent texture, it not so is evident. Besides to tint lips gloss quite perhaps even in the absence of mirror.

Comfort for lips

Lip gloss because of the liquid texture is added feeling of stickiness. On the one hand, it can be considered as merit, lips are constantly moistened. On the other hand, it is big problem during the summer period. To lips everything sticks: own hair, poplar down, parts of dust. Lipstick or has no effect of stickiness at all, or it is minimized. However frequent and long use of lipstick can dry skin of lips.

What to choose

If you want to place emphasis on lips, it is better to use lipstick. Lip gloss will approach at bright make-up of eyes. When you want to increase visually lips, it is besides better to make it by means of lipstick. It is necessary to expand a little contour, having overstepped its bounds. With gloss such reception is possible too, but for this purpose it is necessary to choose dense texture and to use pencil for lips. Lipstick with opaque texture will be suitable for work at office more. It looks more reserved, than the most neutral lip gloss. Glossy textures and spangles are relevant to walks, meetings with friends, etc. For issue it is possible to use both lipstick, and gloss of saturated color and dense texture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team