Difficult science: how to choose spirits

Smell - one of the most effective receptions by means of which the woman can draw attention to herself. However the choice and use of spirits - somewhat art, and today we will talk about how to seize it.

Purity - pledge of charm

Well picked up and pravilyyono the caused aroma is capable to make conceited to any man. However spirits can emphasize your special charm only in one sluyocha - if they are applied on clean body. Therefore peryovy that needs to be made before drawing spirits, it to take bath or shower.

Why spirits are individual?

The drops applied on paper strip are rasskayonut to you about spirits by all, except the main thing - as they will behave on your skin. Let's remind that the same perfume on different people smells not just with different notes and shades, but sometimes differently to neuznavayemoyosta. The fact is that the chemical proyotsessa happening to aromas on skin are especially individual. You should not buy perfume only because they are delightful on your girlfriend - chance that on you they will smell also, tends to zero. For this reason it is better to pick up aroma which podyokhodit to you.

How to choose spirits

The drop of the spirits which were pleasant to you needs to be applied to skin of internal surface of wrist and to wait several minutes that perfume has managed to mix up with your smell. The wrist is not accidental here: on this part of the body thin skin, under kotoyory blood vessels are quite close located. Therefore skin in this place quicker progrevayetyosya, and chemical processes on its surface happen quicker.

You do not hurry with vyboyory: if through 15 miyonut stay on your skin the aroma did not razocharoyovat you, can safely buy this perfume. In peryovy turn zayopa it has to nrayovitsya to you.

You should not poyokupat perfume if it is pleasant to the man, and razdrayozhat you - it will come to an end in nothing good. You will hardly get used to such aroma, and this man will begin to irritate you sooner or later.

For blondes, brunettes, red

Division of aromayot has certain bases on for blondes and for brunettes.

Skin of blondes, thin and therefore inclined to dryness, is not capable to keep heavy aromas, and their moleyokula fill all space around. However seldom who likes to bathe in languid aromayota. Therefore light flower or fresh smells are recommended to blondes.

Dense skin of brunettes, on the contrary, with ease zayoderzhivat heavy aromas, softening their destructive power.

The separate mention is deserved by ryzhevoloyosy ladies - their gentle skin demands special, always individual approach. But it is easy, light aroyomata rather.

But all this is very conditional - each woman chooses that zayopa which, according to her, is created for her. And she is right.

Tasty smells will strike men?

Many men love smells of sweet rolls, pies, candies. These smells remind them of house heat, cosiness, kind mother's hands. Therefore edible aromas - cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, fruit - very often attract even the most brutal men.

Sure bet

If you are familiar with the one whom you are going to fascinate, - the task becomes simpler. Psychologists consider what dostatochyono to learn what perfume the man uses. And then to choose for itself aroma from the same ruler. By the way, today practically all firms producing perfume do, as a rule, two options of each aroma - men's and women's.

Spirits at office

For himself It should be noted that the inyotensivnost of smell should be chosen depending on situation. There are aromas suitable for private life and there are such which should be used at office. We try to use the nenavyazchiyovy smell close to neutral at work: citrus and coniferous notes will help to remove stress, and lavender and koriyoets will increase working capacity. ZaYomecheno, that sharp notes are softened near the office equipment.

How to apply perfume

The big mistake to apply perfume with wide layers on all body. The aroma loop lasting after you in kilometers is bad form. ParYofyum is created in order that your body had pleasant smell, but not at space around you.

Spirits put literally three drops: on one near ear and one - on zayopyastya of one hand (then wrists need to be rubbed slightly the friend about druyog). Apply the perfume equipped with cap spray on the same places and too in very modest quantities. Also do not forget that during heat (and in stuffy rooms) aromas amplify, become sharper. Always you remember: aromas love attentive, careful and gentle obrayoshcheniye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team