Disposal of the fat content of hair by means of special shampoo

Disposal of the fat content of hair by means of special shampoo

Fat content of hair is not always exclusively cosmetic problem. Often it is followed by such disease as seborrhea. Therefore "to win" against greasy luster here minor task. As work of sebaceous glands is important for the general health of head skin, it is necessary to pick up correctly means and procedures for leaving. Any impact on integument should not be aggressive.

Shampoos for fight against the increased fat content of hair should not contain lipidic oils and silicone substances. These components promote weighting of locks, stimulate office of fat. Tar which serves for adjustment of secretion of skin fat often is part of really medical shampoos. This ingredient helps to adjust the correct work of glands, but not to lower or suppress it.

Tar has strong antiseptic properties and works as srub, peeling the died-off cages. Tar soap is also suitable for application, but only in quality of preliminary hair of processing before washing of the head shampoo.

Means the containing tea tree oils, rosemary and jojoba have similar effect. Sulfur, seaweed, starch, menthol, kaolin and citric acid by all means have to be part. It is possible to make the choice of necessary product by means of consultants of Avon, for example. Grass components of the treating shampoos: extracts of oak bark, cedar, nettle, eucalyptus and camomile. The complex of natural components perfectly copes with objective.

As additional procedures for fixing of result it is necessary to use infusions or broths of herbs: sage, coltsfoot, St. John's wort and bark of oak. Herbs are used independently, or in complex.

To normalize hair, it is enough to use special shampoos once in three days. They carefully clean hair and head skin. Anyway when choosing means, preference needs to be given to more natural options, such as products from Bruno Banani. For fight against the increased fat content the line of the hair care ""Keraplant"" is created. Products of this series restore balance of activity of glands and promote smaller production of grease substance. As a result of such treatment the hair bulbs begin to receive enough oxygen. Hair become much more elastic, the fragility completely is eliminated.

Ginseng extract is taken as basis. In addition supports trikhokomplex, menthol. It is used as means against hair loss. Makes the stimulating impact, restores skin balance.

The complex of the stimulating ampoules which accelerates metabolism of cages and improves microcirculation enters similar series from Amway. The structure of means is enriched with group B vitamins, salts of zinc and amidosaccharides. The real revolutionary product is dry shampoo today. It is powdery product in the form of spray which is applied on dry hair. Mix absorbs surplus of fat, doing hair clean by sight. But, such way is suitable for single application more. At frequent use there is risk to hammer with "washing" substance of time that is fraught with new inflammations. The Sulsenovy line of remedies, perhaps, does not know the competition. Shampoos and pastes were credible to buyers for a long time. The main ingredient – zinc which dries oily skin. The structure contains also selenium sulfide. If special detergent has reached a limit, it is possible to try to make it independently. For this purpose small amount of lemon juice is added to usual shampoo. Means is shaken up to homogeneous mass and used according to purpose. But not so much application of special products for washing of the head how many complex influence is the key to success in fight against oily hair. There is number of restrictions at this problem which need to be observed. The first what it is necessary to pay attention to – healthy nutrition. At least for the period of treatment the refusal of greasy food, sweet and sharp is obligatory. It will allow to stop stimulation of work of sebaceous glands. As their activity falls on morning hours, it is better to wash the head in the morning. Hot water cannot be used for washing. Here the main thing to calculate sufficient time to exit from the house to allow hair to dry properly, and skin to cool down.

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