Down with cellulitis!

Down with cellulitis!

Many women are concerned by such problem as cellulitis. There is set of methods of fight against cellulitis, one of which are bathtubs. Bathtubs happen to various aromatic additives too that promotes elimination of ""orange-peel"". Even more effective bathtubs will become if to add to them curative oils and to combine them with self-massage.

Before starting self-massage, it is necessary to lie down quietly in warm water of 15-20 minutes. It is necessary in order that the body has got warm, time has revealed, and skin was prepared for further manipulations. After the integument is softened under the influence of warm water and additives, it is necessary to start massaging.

The main zones are buttocks, hips and stomach. When performing self-massage for increase in its efficiency it is necessary to take brush with quite rigid bristle, or rigid bast or mitten. Mass problem places before emergence of easy reddening and feeling that pricks skin. It is the best of all to mass stomach around, clockwise, then pass to tingling. Each part of the body needs to give about 10 minutes. After self-massage take warm or cool shower, and then apply on means body with anti-cellulite effect.

Very effective way of fight against cellulitis is sea water. Regular application of bathtubs with sea salt makes favorable impact on skin and promotes elimination of fat deposits. For preparation of bathtub it is necessary to take handful of sea salt and to dissolve it in warm water. It is necessary to take bath 15-20 minutes, once a week. Except elimination of tsellyulitny deposits, such bathtub removes puffiness, levels skin, brings slags and toxins out of organism.

Salt bathtubs can be combined with grass bathtubs, alternating them from time to time. For grass anti-cellulite bathtub such herbs as field horsetail, sage, rosemary, lavender, marjoram and others are considered as the most effective. For obtaining the most noticeable effect it is possible to mix these herbs. Very useful effect in fight against cellulitis the body scrub has. There is set of various srubs, however it can be made also in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to take half-cups of usual table salt and to mix it with olive oil. To apply on body, I mass problem sites, then to wash away under shower and to apply the moisturizing cream. Also natural ground coffee perfectly will be suitable for srub. Important role in fight against cellulitis is played by shower. Shower needs to be taken daily, it is the is best of all contrast. It is necessary to direct strong streams to body, massing it. It will improve microblood circulation in skin cells, gives to skin elasticity. After shower it is obligatory to apply lotion on body. It is better to choose lotion with the extract of chestnut, menthol, seaweed or essential oils which is its part. Fight against cellulitis - very long and laborious work. Methods of fight against it should not include only that have been described above, but also physical activity and healthy nutrition.

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