Down with split ends!

Down with split ends!

Almost all women faced problems of split ends of hair. Most often those women who have hair of average length or below shovels face them. There is mass of explanations for emergence of this problem as well as ways of its elimination.

Most often the splitting ends appear owing to coloring or abuse of such means as the hair dryer, the curling iron, the iron and others. Because of their influence the hair lose moisture from high temperatures. Therefore they become dry and begin to split. The same occurs also under the influence of low temperatures, especially in the winter when it is necessary to carry headdresses surely.

 Also insufficiency of liquid in organism is the reason of loss of moisture of hair. The intake of alcohol, sweets, caffeine and smoking affect health of hair. And also improper feeding affects condition of curls which need vitamin E, the Omega - 3 and others.

Vitamins and microelements, necessary for hair, can be found in fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Hair love oil which can be applied as mask, putting it on all length of locks. Besides, to restore health of hair, it is necessary to shear one or two times in several months tips that promotes growth and restoration of the lost length. To recover curls perhaps in several ways:

  • Correct hair care. You should not use usual shampoos and masks at frequent washing. Special means are for this purpose necessary.
  • It is necessary to refuse frequent use of the hair dryer, curling iron or iron. It will be more useful if hair dry independently.
  • It is recommended to use special thermoprotective equipment before creation of hairstyle thanks to what the harmful effect of the hair dryer, curling iron or iron will decrease.

 In addition, it is necessary to reconsider the food and way of life and also to refuse addictions and to begin to use vitamins. They can be got in drugstores. It will be especially useful for hair the masks which are independently prepared from natural components which will help to restore and improve condition of locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team