Drainage drinks against hypostases and cellulitis

Drainage drinks against hypostases and cellulitis

get rid of hypostases, extra kilos, toxic products of disintegration and also it is possible to saturate organism with useful microelements by means of the easy drainage drinks made on the basis of plants.

Drainage (with fr. drainage) — removal of excessive liquid which provokes hypostases and leads to cellulitis. Drink of drainage drinks (teas, broths, infusions) on natural herbs long since practiced in traditional medicine, and today it is recommended also by official medicine. Basis of all drainage drinks - herbs. They can be bought in drugstore or in the grass market. 

What herbs have to be near at hand? Here some of them:

  • Coltsfoot
  • Birch leaves, kidneys
  • Blackcurrant leaves
  • Wild strawberry and leaves of wild strawberry (dry or fresh)
  • Camomile
  • Calendula
  • Field horsetail

What drainage drinks from this set of herbs and berries can be made easily houses? We represent several recipes of useful drink.

  • Drink from coltsfoot: to crush, fill up two tablespoons of leaves in thermos, to fill in with glass (200 ml) of boiled water, to insist 1 hour. Infusion is drunk twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, on one tablespoon.
  • Strawberry drink: to fill in the crushed leaves and berries with glass of boiled water and to insist 2 hours in thermos. To drink 3-4 times a day, on one tablespoon before food.
  • Drink from calendula: to boil 0.5 l of water, to pour two teaspoons of dry flowers of calendula into boiled water (it is possible to crush them in the coffee grinder). To cover ware, to insist 20 minutes, to filter. To use 3 times a day, 0.5 glasses before food.
  • Birch drink: to fill up one teaspoon of the crushed birch leaves in thermos, to fill in with glass of boiled water, to add one teaspoon of honey. Drink is drunk by 2 times a day, for half an hour before acceptance of food.
  • Currant drink: two tablespoons of the crushed leaves of currant to fill in 0.5 l of boiled water, to allow to cool down to room temperature. Drink is drunk by 3 times a day, on 0.5 glasses.
  • Drink from field horsetail: to fill in the crushed dry stalks of horsetail with glass of boiled water, to allow to infuse 30 minutes. Drink drink on 1/4 glasses, 3 times a day.

Thanks to useful drinks from natural vegetable ingredients it is possible to reduce edematous puffiness or at all to get rid of hypostases, to improve appearance at cellulitis, to be cleaned from the unnecessary products of disintegration which are toxically operating on organism, to get rid of extra kilos.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team