Drawings on nails: how to learn skill

Drawings on nails: how to learn skill

Drawings on nails are not only useful ability, but also very fascinating hobby for some women which is called neyl-art. Having begun with simple patterns, it is possible to improve the skill gradually. Over time you learn to create drawings of own design.

1. For a start decide on the drawing which you will carry out. Choose the size depending on length of your nails. If they long, apply on them beautiful landscape or flower composition. If short, decorate with vertical lines. They will visually narrow and respectively will extend your nails. Besides, consider form of nail plate. The rectangle, oval or sharp stylet need various drawings.

2. In advance think over combination of flowers. The pattern has to be in harmony with your make-up and dress. Take basic tone and 3-4 shades. It will be enough for full painting. Draw portraits and flowers acrylic paints. Multi-colored varnishes will be suitable for abstract patterns, it is necessary to put them with narrow brushes. They are intended especially for neyl-art.

3. Decorate nails with the independent picture or represent the general plot which should be "stretched" on all hand. For example, on middle finger draw bouquet of roses or cornflowers, on anonymous and index – small leaves and buds, and on big and little finger – only short moustaches and curls of stalks.

4. Cover nails with basic varnish of cream or beige shade. Dry it and start painting. Gather white and blue paints on flat brush with slanted tip. Then draw with five strokes flower. Strokes have to go from the center to edge. One flower arrange at bottom edge of nail of middle finger, and another – on diagonal, near its tip.

5. On anonymous and index fingers represent flowers smaller by the size. Dip thin brush in green paint and draw with thin strokes stalks. Add them with long short moustaches curls. To achieve beautiful overall picture, try to do symmetric lines. Draw leaves in the last turn. Make them by means of flat brush. Gather it light - and dark green paints at the same time.

6. Represent cores of flowers points of yellow-golden paint. Finish manicure silvery spangles and cover nails with layer of ultrabrilliant protective coating. Then carefully dry them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team