Dry spots on face: what should I do?

Dry spots on face: what should I do?

It is very important to look after face skin at all seasons of the year to avoid various problems and skin diseases. Such problem with skin as availability of dry spots is especially widespread. It is possible to eliminate this unpleasant feature, using the main methods of fight against dryness on face.

Cosmetic cream

Good impact on face skin for elimination of spots is made cream with mercury content. But use of such medicine has to happen under accurate observation of the doctor. Such creams contain lactic and citric acid, salicyl alcohol and peroxide of hydrogen. Thanks to these elements the skin recovers the structure and takes healthy form. It is the best of all to purify skin before putting cream lotion or acid milk. Also for disposal of dry spots on face it is possible to use masks on the basis of herbs.

Chemical peeling

Now such cosmetic procedure as chemical peeling, enjoys wide popularity among the women visiting salons. Such procedure helps to get rid of many cosmetic shortcomings including from dry spots on face. By means of influence of weak acids the skin blanket is removed. Such method of treatment almost painless, patients feel only easy burning. Only the dermatologist can perform the procedure.

Laser grinding of the person

Such way also helps to return to skin healthy state and to get rid of dry spots on face. Thanks to influence of the laser, skin it is updated and improves the tone. But it is worth noticing that such method is rather expensive.


Such method of treatment is based on use of light radiation. By means of pulse light the dry spots are eliminated without injury of skin.

To avoid emergence of dry spots on face skin, it is necessary to begin to care and look after about it by means of masks, creams and various baths in advance. And the most important, it is necessary to think of the way of life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team