Early gray hair: how to fight

Early gray hair: how to fight

Emergence of gray hair aged from 40 flyings is also more senior is norm. If hair have begun to be silvered much earlier, it is necessary to think of identification of the reasons which have caused reduction of production of melanin. It will help to suspend this process.

Reasons of early gray hair

Often gray hair appears after stressful situations. And it concerns not only emotional splashes. For organism the avitaminosis, the weakened immunity or the undergone operation can serve as stress.

Improper feeding can also promote emergence of gray hair. The negative impact on development of pigment of melanin is made by greasy, salty and spicy food and also alcoholic beverages.

Violation of work of thyroid gland which is responsible for large number of exchange processes in organism can cause early silvering of hair. Besides, quite often early canities are descended.

Fight against early gray hair

Begin treatment of early gray hair with revision of the diet. Refuse consumption of harmful food - mayonnaise, strong coffee, smoked sausages, chips, hamburgers and so on. Include the maximum quantity of fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts, seafood, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, meat and milk in the daily menu. And surely do not neglect ginger, garlic and greens. Pay special attention to the health - play sports, annually visit the doctor-endocrinologist and avoid long stay in the sun.

National methods of treatment of early gray hair

If you have noticed emergence of gray hair, regularly do nutritious onions masks. For this purpose rub previously ground bulb in roots of hair. You hold such mask about 15-20 minutes then wash away large amount of warm water with shampoo use. To get rid of unpleasant onions smell, rinse hair with water with small amount of lemon juice. To activate production of melanin and to strengthen hair nettle broth which needs to be accepted inside will help. For its preparation fill in 2 tablespoons of the crushed nettle with 300 milliliters of hot water, put on slow fire and you cook within 5-7 minutes then let's infuse about half an hour, filter and use 1/2 glasses twice a day. Use the same broth for rinsing of hair after washing. The excellent assistant in restoration of the turned gray roots of hair is natural henna which is on sale in drugstore. Use it as mask, according to the instruction which is attached to this means. Henna not only will temporarily paint over the turned gray hair, but also will restore their structure, having made them more alive and healthy.

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