East smells: we determine by notes

East smells: we determine by notes

Long since east women attracted to themselves men with beauty and specific aromas with bright, deep notes. Such smells gave them to owners more femininity and did them by more desired. And today east smell can be determined by the notes sounding in the general chord of aroma easily.

In the ancient time east women used single smells. For example, it is known that the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra applied to skin to myrrh and incense. These mysterious and fascinating aromas created the atmosphere of rest and pacification. But east smells will suit not each woman because of the density, sweet and tartness. Sometimes they are called heavy. They can cause faintness, headache and in general are not always successfully combined with body smell.

In modern perfumery only one smell is seldom applied to creation of east spirits. The complex combination of east notes forming together great and seductive aroma with different nuances, transitions and long, resistant loop is most often developed.

Refer smell of incense, musk to east aromas, Myrrha, ambergris, sandal-wood tree, jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, carnations. Sandal-wood tree - sweet east smell. In bouquet of other east aromas it gives freshness and ease. Suits natures courageous and romantic, young and purposeful. The most known examples of perfume on the basis of sandal-wood tree are Etro Sandalo from Etro, Tom Ford Santal Blush from Tom Ford, Christian Dior Addict from Christian Dior. Patchouli – one more sweet smell, but already with wood, warm notes. In combination with other aromas patchouli is bought by shade of mysteriousness and special sensuality. Perfume on basis patchouli: Les Exclusifs de Chanel Coromandel from Chanel, White Patchouli from Tom Ford. Jasmine – one of the most favourite smells at the fair sex. Sung as flower of tenderness and sensual love. Has very gentle, distinguished, concerning aroma. Also his same thin and romantic, sentimental persons choose. Line of perfume: Pure Poison from Christian Dior, Essence Jasmine from Donna Karan. Ylang-ylang – the aroma possessing magic and creating feeling presence of magic at air. Can render salutary properties, is natural antidepressant and aphrodisiac. Such aroma is chosen by passionate natures, self-assured and not afraid of love affairs. The perfumery ruler is provided by such aromas as Lust Lush from Lush, Givenchy, Esprit Collection Esprit from Esprit, PG15 Ilang Ivohibe from Parfumerie Generale. The carnation – is popular as in cookery, and perfumery. Its bright, a little bluff aroma is familiar practically to each hostess. She has property to calm nervous system and even saves from headache. In perfumery clove oil is most often used. The aroma of carnation is part of many spirits: Billet Doux from Fragonard, Gvozdika from Novaya Zarya, Dianthus from Etro.

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