Easy and available way of correction of eyebrows threads

Easy and available way of correction of eyebrows threads

It is possible to make eyebrows beautiful by means of correction. There are several ways of such procedure, however the most effective is correction of eyebrows threads, Europeans call such way tridding. In spite of the fact that correction of eyebrows thread has appeared in extreme antiquity, in the east and the tridding is very popular in India to this day.

The result of correction of eyebrows thread remains very long time, about, 3 weeks. By means of thread it is possible to remove not only excess hairs, but also "down" around the main line of growth of eyebrows. In addition it is possible to clean with thread the surface of skin from the keratosic cages. The main advantage of this way is speed of the procedure, however it is possible to allocate some more positive pluses:

- there is no risk to bring infection as it can occur at correction by tweezers;

- hair bulbs do not spoil that prevents emergence of the grown hair; - through several procedures hairs become softer and acquire thin structure; - correction by thread allows to get rid of several hairs at the same time; - after the procedure there is no irritation of skin; - thanks to lack of reddening of skin such correction can be done for some time before issue.

Correction of eyebrows by means of thread for many is novelty therefore it is carried out only in beauty shops. But also in house conditions it can be expedited and simply, the main thing to know some subtleties. To start the procedure you need to prepare thread, experts most often use the Arab cotton thread as it has the increased durability. Despite all pluses, correction of eyebrows thread is very painful as well as correction by tweezers, but after implementation of several procedures the sensitivity of skin considerably will decrease.

If your skin around eyebrows rather thin and sensitive to external to irritants, before the procedure on its surface it is possible to put ice, warm tampon or to use the softening eye cream.

To make removal of hair thread to you it was most comfortable, in advance remove make-up and take care of good lighting. It is also necessary to have at itself the small increasing pocket mirror and cosmetic pencil. If you know what shape of eyebrows suits you most of all, it is necessary to record the line by means of pencil. If you are not sure with correctness of the choice of form for the eyebrows, it is necessary to pick up the line by means of the special equipment. Take any long pencil and apply it vertically at nose wing, the point of intersection of the upper edge of pencil with eyebrow is mark with which the line of eyebrow has to begin. Those hairs which are located beyond limit of this mark (closer to nose bridge) will need to be removed. To define the highest to eyebrow current, apply pencil to nose wing, then arrange it so that the line passing through external border of iris of the eye of eye was formed. The mark of crossing of pencil with eyebrow is and there is the highest point of the line. To define the correct arrangement of tip of eyebrow, it is also necessary to put pencil to wing of nose and to direct it through external corner of eye. Behind pencil point of intersection with eyebrow the line should not proceed.

It should be noted that eyebrow thickness from the basis to high point has to be invariable, and here the tip has to be narrowed.

When you define the correct line of the eyebrows, it is possible to start correction. If before the procedure you moisturized the sensitive skin at eyebrows ice or cream, it is necessary to wipe hairs with cosmetic wipes that they did not stick together. Take thread about fifty centimeters long and connect its ends node, then overwind thread so that two loops were formed. Index and thumbs of hands take thread from within when fingers of one hand disperse, in other hand loop will decrease. Small loop it is necessary to take excess hairs and to make the sharp movement from nose bridge to temple, at the same time the loop with hairs needs to be increased fingers. As a rule, on the place of remote hairs in 2-3 weeks grow new therefore correction should be done once a month. Over time hairs will begin to grow more slowly that will allow you to carry out the procedure even less often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team