Easy chemistry - pros and cons

Easy chemistry - pros and cons

The nature has awarded not many with wonderful curls, but they are so attractive. Curly hair is capable to emphasize features or to soften them, they always give to image certain femininity and romanticism. It would seem, chemical wave – ideal exit for those who dream of curlies, but, as well as in any other business, it is necessary to weigh everything pros and cons.

Any chemical wave is auxiliary way of hair dressing. It only preparatory stage to wave. The easy chemistry can become ideal option for those who daily use such means as hair curlers, curling irons, etc. The chemical wave has indisputable pluses: it allows to get rid of the excessive fat content of hair and does not allow curls to be deformed during the day. However any chemistry without use of additional resources for laying looks just awfully.

Types of easy chemistry

There are several options of chemistry.

By means of hair curlers - this type of chemical wave allows to achieve the most natural result. It will provide you the easy waves and curls which are softly falling at each other.

Wave on spiral hair curlers - ideal option for long hair. You will become the owner of the curls curling on spiral small ringlets. If you are owner of long hair, but their density wishes the best, then this type of wave – for you. The wave on braid is suitable for hair length to shoulders. The locks braided in small braids are processed by special solution, and tips are wound on koklyushka. On hairpin - too good option for owners of hair to shoulders. The method differs from the previous option in the fact that curls are wound on hairpins. The hairpin should not contain metal impurities in the structure, plastic is most often used. The chemical wave on two koklyushka is very interesting method. It allows to receive curls of various size. For example, part of lock is wound on large koklyushka, and other part – on small. There is also children's wave. Its purpose is not to allow influences of structure on head skin. Locks are pulled out on surface of special hat and only after it curl.

Minuses of chemical wave

Despite all the beauty, artificial curls conceal in themselves many health hazards of hair. Even the easy chemistry is capable to break structure of hair, to deprive of it moisture, to make more porous. If you have ventured changes of image, then you should not paint hair after wave, when washing the head use special nutritious shampoos, balms and masks. It will allow to return to hair gloss and reviver. Today there is set of indelible hair preparations, they can become lifesaver after chemical wave. Do not forget to straighten regularly tips, it promotes faster regeneration of hair and will allow to avoid its splitting. In order that your curls kept the form longer, use hairbrush with rare cloves. Remember that you will become the owner of wonderful curls only in case hair were initially healthy. It is regularly necessary to look after easy chemistry, otherwise your wave will take bast form. Usually the effect of curls remains for three-four months then correction is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team