Easy hairstyles in school

Easy hairstyles in school

Hairstyles for school have to be beautiful, convenient and sock and simple performed by. Various braids, simple bunches or tails will be ideal option. Do not use too bright hair accessories - simple elastic bands and hairpins will perfectly add simple laying.

Braids and baskets

Among the most popular school hairstyles the place of honor is taken by various braids. Long hair can be styled to the simple spit which looks very elegantly. Comb clean hair on parting at the side. Collect them in high tail behind the left node by means of thin elastic band. Separate one lock. Braid the bulk of hair to the spit, tie the end elastic band. Wrap the remained lock around the basis of tail and fix by hairpin.

Popular option - braid cone. It can be placed on nape or to braid around the head. Try the combined option. Divide hair into parting at the side on the left side and slightly you sprysnit them the spray removing surplus of static electricity. Separate lock of hair to the right of hair parting and divide it into three parts. Begin to do plait, conducting it to the right and attaching thin locks from the bulk of hair. Basket it is possible to arrange below or to lift on the top.

Having reached the right temple, begin to attach to lock braid on the left side of the head - so the basket to move to the center. Having stopped braiding braid, fix its tip by elastic band and twist under basket. Pin up the turned-out roller hairpins. Try to do hair in vintage style. Divide hair on straight line or parting at the side, slightly moisten locks with spray for laying. Beginning from hair parting, twist hair in the roller, conducting it on the left side of the head to nape. Fix the roller by hairpin and in the same way turn off hair on the right side. Connect locks and collect them in tail by big elastic band. Leave locks free or braid them to the spit.

Tails and bunches

Simple and stylish option - tail from straight or wavy hair. Comb hair and distribute on them the soft smoothing water-based cream. Collect locks in high tail on nape. Tie it elastic band, then fix one more elastic band in the center of tail, and the third tie tip. Choose elastic bands in one color - it can contrast or match shade of hair. Very lovely bunches from hair look. Instead of boring cone on nape make amusing small knots on all head. Comb hair on hair parting, and then divide into several small tails. Twist everyone in plait and curtail in the form of small knot. Pin up all nodes hairpins in hair color. Bunches it is possible to arrange in any order or to collect in peculiar wreath. For this purpose tails need to be rowed on nape or the top.

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