Easy ways of fight against cellulitis

Easy ways of fight against cellulitis

Cellulitis brings huge amount of inconveniences. ""Orange-peel"" does not allow to wear favourite clothes, forces to have complex and to constantly feel discomfort. To deal with such problem quite easily if to undertake measures in time.

As one of the main reasons of appearance of cellulitis the experts note improper feeding. For this reason the best way of fight and prevention of ""orange-peel"" is observance of the correct mode and careful control of the products eaten. Besides, it is daily recommended to drink not less than 2 l of liquid for normalization of metabolism and blood circulation.

The most widespread and effective ways of fight against cellulitis are wrappings, massage procedures and use of special creams.


Wrappings can be carried out without effort in house conditions. Such procedures can be ""hot"" and ""cold"". It is worth paying special attention to availability of contraindications. If you have diseases of kidneys, then it is impossible to apply cold wrappings at all, and at varicosity it is better to refrain from hot procedures.

Hot wrapping is carried out as follows. In glass with hot water dissolve teaspoon of black ground pepper, four teaspoons of cinnamon and the same amount of olive oil. Mix is applied on separate parts of the body which then are wrapped in food wrap. At will it is possible to add additional ingredient - essential oil. The procedure is carried out within 15 minutes then mix is carefully washed away. Hot wrapping becomes on the basis of blue clay and essential oil. Mix is also applied on body and is wrapped in food wrap. After the procedure, clay should be washed away warm water. Massage from tsellyulitayezhednevno within 15-20 minutes do yourself simple massage. Stroke, pinch from time to time, pound skin the accurate movements of hands. It is better to do such procedures after shower. Muscles during massage have to be in the weakened state. During implementation of such actions it is better not to use cream. If desired it is possible to use several drops of any essential oil. Cream from tsellyulitapra selection of cream against cellulitis pay attention to its structure. One of the most effective remedies of removal of ""orange-peel"" is extract of brown seaweed. Regular use of such creams will allow to get rid the accelerated rates of cellulitis and to add to elasticity skin. Pay attention that creams from cellulitis is recommended to use only after physical activities or after massage. Only in this case the desirable effect for short term will be reached.

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