Easy ways to increase lips

Easy ways to increase lips

Sensual full lips always cause admiration. Such luxury is presented to some by the nature, and here many girls dream to increase somehow the lips or to make them more sensual. There are several easy ways to make the lips close to ideal.

Increase in lips by means of make-up

It is the easiest way. It is in visually to expand borders of lips and by means of color and texture of lipstick to increase their size. First of all, it is necessary to apply liquid foundation and to disguise natural contour of lips. Further, it is necessary to draw with pencil for lips of natural shade contour of ""new"" lips, slightly supporting edge of natural contour (1-2 mm). Slightly powder lips before drawing contour that the pencil laid down more exactly and did not spread. Then, shade the received contour to the center of lips, without smearing at the same time external border. Apply on lips lipstick of the same shade as pencil. Remember, color of lipstick should not be dark. At the end apply gloss on the middle of the lower and upper lips, thus they will be visually chubbier also skulpturny. To give volume to lips, it is not obligatory to go beyond their natural contour. It is sometimes rather simple to use light lipsticks and gloss.

Increase in lips by national methods

It is possible to increase lips by means of massage. Apply small amount of balm on lips and massage them fingers or toothbrush. Be not overzealous in the second case. Increase will happen due to blood inflow. However such increase will be not so long. 

It is possible to use house masks for increase in lips. For this purpose mix a little honey, red pepper and vaseline. Apply on lips with the rubbing movements. Take 10 minutes and wash away water. Blood will flow to lips and they will increase. One more option of mask: to mix several drops of essential oil of cinnamon from 1/2 h spoon of lemon juice and 1 h spoon of vaseline and honey. To apply similarly on lips and to wash away. As ingredients for such masks it is possible to use irritants, for example black either chili powder or piece of red bitter pepper. Lips really increase in volume and look more expressive, but similar masks have side effect - they cause unpleasant pricking and burning.

Increase in lips by means of gymnastics

Lips - too muscles and if to train them, then they are tightened and increase. Such way demands assiduity and regularity. Exercises need to be carried out daily, the result will not be noticeable yet, then it is possible to reduce trainings to 2-3 times a week. On the Internet the whole sets of exercises for lips, the simplest - nasvistyvaniye and singing of vowels are collected. This way not only will increase lips, but also will strengthen muscles of all person.


Today there is set of care products for lips which promote their increase. Buy balm, gloss or lipstick with mark ""increase in lips"". If to use it is regular such means, then the result will not keep itself waiting. The best result can achieve if to use regularly several methods of increase in lips at the same time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team