Edible cosmetics

Edible cosmetics

Face treatments and bodies and also hair prepared according to national recipes, with an ulterior motive such popular. In them there are no chemical additives, preservatives, it is easy to train them independently. It is possible to reap in the flying rich crop of fruit, vegetables and berries which are vitamin-rich. From them it is possible to prepare a lot of useful cosmetics for every day.

Prepare creams, masks and srubs from what is available in the fridge. Make honey bathtub, it will soften skin. On preparation of full bathtub you need 250 g of honey.

In oil of avocado the vitamin E content is big. Producers of cosmetics widely use this product, in the moistening means released by them this useful oil meets everywhere. Mix 5 ml of oil of avocado and as much jojoba oil, apply on lips instead of balm. Rub two times a week in cuticle mix from 20 ml of oil of avocado, juice of lemon and 1 ml of oil of geranium in the evenings. It will strengthen nail plate.

In olive oil vitamins A and E are combined. Their application promotes growth and restoration of hair bulbs. Warm up 60 ml of oil of top-class, add 5 ml of juice of lemon, apply mix on the washed-up hair, wrap up with towel and take 30 minutes. Then wash away water with addition of the conditioner. Tomatoes are very useful to problem skin. Tomatoes perfectly remove inflammation and have antibacterial properties, they contain many antioxidants. Mash fork pulp of one tomato, mix with the beaten egg white. Accurately distribute mix on skin, leave for 10 minutes, then wash away warm water. Prepare face lotion which tones up skin. Means can be made of lemon. Overwind citrus pulp on the meat grinder, fill in 200 ml of pure alcohol and insist within week in the fridge. Then filter and use twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. This lotion will help to bleach skin and to remove rashes. For healthy complexion it is possible to use carrots. This vegetable contains vitamin A which helps to peel old skin cells. Miss half of ripe tomato and one carrots via the meat grinder. Wring out juice and add grits. If to use such mask regularly, you will find healthy complexion, skin tone, and wrinkles it is essential to decrease.

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