Effect of lamination of hair

Effect of lamination of hair

Lamination is procedure of improvement of hair at which apply the special substances forming protective film on them. It is carried out in beauty shops and in hairdressing salons. The effect of lamination can achieve also in house conditions, using quite available means.

How to laminate hair in house conditions

In house conditions it is possible to give to hair effect of lamination, using available foodstuff – gelatin. It contains natural protein - collagen. After this procedure the "laminated" hair will look healthy. For visible effect it is necessary to make not less than three procedures. It is recommended to hold them at each washing of the head. Biolamination in house conditions will require 1 bags of gelatin, boiled water, hair balm.

Boil water and let's it cool down a little. Pour tablespoon of gelatin into suitable capacity and fill in it with three tablespoons of warm water. For thick and long hair increase quantity of each component three times. Carefully mix everything. Cover the container with gelatin with plate that it has not cooled down, and leave for 15-20 minutes. While it bulks up, it is necessary to wash up the head shampoo. Apply balm, wash away it, wipe clean hair towel to remove excess moisture.

Gelatin remarkably feeds and moistens hair. With each such procedure they will become more and more silky, brilliant and smooth.

If gelatin was dissolved not completely, it is necessary to heat it on water bath to formation of homogeneous mass. Add to it a little balm. Ready mix has to have consistence of dense sour cream. Apply gelatinous mask on moist hair, having receded from roots about 1 centimeter. After that put on special hat the head (it is possible to use plastic bag). From above it is necessary to reel up towel. Warm up hair phenom within 10-15 minutes. After that it is necessary to wait 45 more minutes, it is possible to do household chores. After this time wash away gelatinous mix warm water.

Gelatinous masks for creation of effect of lamination

For strengthening of effect it is possible to make gelatinous mask with addition of auxiliary component (yolk, herbs, milk, mustard, etc.). It is chosen depending on type, by colors and conditions of hair. Blondes can pour in the received mix in camomile broth, the lemon juice diluted with water, and to brunettes - a little carrot juice or nettle broth. The yolk and mustard are added to mask for giving of volume to hair.

Do gelatinous masks for hair at least once a week.

Mix prepares in the same way as it is described above, at the same time the chosen additional component is added to it. Apply it after washing of the head for 15-20 minutes. Leave at the same time roots of hair free from gelatin that the mask could be washed away easily.

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