Effective methods of anti-cellulite massage

Effective methods of anti-cellulite massage

Manual anti-cellulite massage remains the only really effective method of fight against orange-peel, whatever one may do. It is perfectly combined with the supporting procedures like miostimulyation, pressoterapiya or cavitation.

 Antitsellyulity massage, of course, not the most pleasant procedure, but so far is only effective method of disposal of hillocks on skin. As well as any other massage, it has to begin with grinding of skin and preparation of hypodermic for influence therefore it is useful and in bath before massage to descend, and in phytoflank to have a rest.

Massage by bones

The next stage – massage by bones of fingers. Carry out by the clenched fist from below up (from ankle to knee, from knee to hip, etc.), as much as possible pressing bones of fingers into skin. It is necessary to carry out vigorously that the warmed muscles and skin have not cooled down. As option it is possible to use special massage rollers at the beginning, they usually are made of tree and have hilly surface. It is not necessary to use plastic rollers and massagers, from them there are hematomas. 

The fat broken by bones of fingers needs to be stimulated to removal. For this purpose it is necessary to squeeze out methodically pillows of thumbs up fat layer from problem zone. Movements have to be from below up. Fingers need to be pressed to body densely. 

Very painful procedure when the master literally tears off skin is considered the final phase of active massage. For this purpose, moving from below up, the master methodically both hands clamps layer of skin and not the sharp movement lifts it, immediately intercepting new. This reception stimulates drainage and the movement of lymph. Effectively, but it is sick.


Well and the last stage – pats. Pats become the fingers of open palm compressed together. Fast rhythmical movements it is necessary to process all surface of the skin injured by cellulitis, applying at the same time enough forces.

Many prefer to use usual spoons at this stage, patting skin their roundish party. It is desirable to do it without fanaticism as bruises and grazes hardly decorate women. In some salons after the procedure the body is covered with cold towel: it is the good method of stimulation of surface of skin returning it elasticity. Besides it is pleasant, after massage the body literally burns.

  • There is no bruise left at correctly made massage. 

Massage lasts about half an hour. It does not make sense to do it longer, in these 30 minutes skin has to start moving in tone, and subcutaneous fat. Problem of massage to shatter deposits so that to allow to bring in the natural way them out of organism. 

One more important rule – sessions have to be held daily in the morning or late at night within at least two weeks. Excuses and otlynivaniye will not cure cellulitis. By the way about treatment before studying textbooks on self-massage, it is necessary to consult with the doctor to find out whether there are no contraindications.

People with varicosity, with problems terms and also with high pressure have to refrain from massages.

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