Effective methods of rejuvenation

Effective methods of rejuvenation

With age not only experience, but also the first manifestations of withering of skin comes. It loses elasticity, there are mimic wrinkles, color worsens. In such situation there is a wish that time has stopped, and the newest methods of rejuvenation of skin can help with it.

What methods of rejuvenation of face skin can offer beauty shops?

The industry of beauty does not stand still, constantly offering the clients various novelties. For preservation of youth of skin the modern devices and means for external and internal application created on constantly improved formulas are used.

It is possible to distinguish the following procedures from modern methods of rejuvenation:

- laser grinding of skin;

- mesotherapy;

- introduction to ozone skin;

- elos rejuvenation;

- termazh;

- photorejuvenation;

- collagen injection;

- lifting of skin in the surgical way;

- implantation of gold threads.

- girudoterapiya (treatment by bloodsuckers);

- massage.

Each method is directed to the solution of certain problem. Someone needs to improve only complexion, to increase turgor of skin or to get rid of mimic wrinkles, and someone needs more serious surgical interventions with the purpose to tighten face skin and necks.

Methods of rejuvenation of organism

It is wrong to think that only the person needs rejuvenation, its state directly depends on what occurs in organism. Therefore it is important to be engaged in the solution of problems from within, and not just outside. Smoking, alcohol, gluttony leading to excess weight the exhausting diets, sleep debt and in general the wrong way of life are at once displayed on face. There are bruises, swellings, wrinkles. Set of weight and the subsequent weight loss (or on the contrary) lead to the fact that skin constantly undergoes changes – stretches and droops. In such situation even the most effective methods of face rejuvenation and body will be useless. Take care of the own life – it is much simpler, than it seems at first sight. Refuse addictions, play sports (at least house gymnastics for which it is necessary to allocate only 15-20 minutes a day), do not forget to use the looking after cosmetics suitable for your type of skin. Changes will not keep themselves waiting – in mirror you will see the looking younger face with healthy flush.

Rejuvenation by nonconventional methods

Beauty shops offer full range of services, but part of them can be replaced with house procedures, Cleopatra and Nefertiti could submit the beauty when about hardware cosmetology did not even know, and for maintenance of youth of skin used nature gifts?

First of all it is necessary to look narrowly at natural ingredients which perfectly are suitable for production of house masks, peelings and srubs. It can be fruit, berries and vegetables, various herbs which can be used for compresses. The storeroom of useful vitamins and microelements – the honey promoting narrowing of time and maintenance of elasticity of skin. Natural components are suitable not only for external, but also for internal application in the form of juice, fruit drinks and various tinctures.

It is impossible to forget about clarification of organism from within. It will promote removal of toxins and slags, and they often are responsible for constant dark circles under eyes and gray complexion.

The newest methods of face rejuvenation

If the light artillery in the form of natural ingredients does not help, there is only one option – rejuvenation in beauty shop. The experienced doctor will perform inspection, will appoint necessary analyses on the basis of which he will pick up the optimum procedure. Someone will prefer chemical peeling, someone will make choice for "youth pricks". But it is necessary to remember that any intervention in natural natural processes has to be considered, and the decision – weighed. Each procedure has the consequences therefore to choose the doctor and cosmetology office it is necessary extremely carefully that the procedure has turned back only return of beauty and youth, but not sad consequences.

Care for skin since the earliest years and then it will thank the freshness and beauty, having never given out to true age of the owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team