Effective peeling for the person in house conditions

Effective peeling for the person in house conditions

The peeling of face is cosmetic procedure which returns to skin the healthy and shining look, deleting from it the died-off cages. The effective peeling can be carried out in house conditions.

House means for leaving differ in the naturalness and soft impact on skin. Of course, to achieve visible result from national recipes, it is necessary to meet the main condition – to regularly carry out the cleaning procedures. It is desirable to indulge them skin 1-2 times a week.

Before drawing peeling it is recommended to steam out skin by means of steam bathtub or hot towel.

Coffee and carrot peeling for any type of skin

Good means for face cleansing – house peeling from coffee thick and carrots. It not only will purify skin, but also will give it shade of natural suntan. To make this wonderful srub, it is necessary to take teaspoon of ground coffee and as much to carrots, grated on small grater, then to mix both components. It is necessary to apply means to the cleaned skin circular to movements, to leave for 15 minutes, after to wash away warm water.

Cranberry peeling for oily skin of the person

The peeling from cranberry effectively cleans and moisturizes oily skin. Take three tablespoons of berries and well pound them. Then add half of teaspoon of orange juice and two tablespoons of flour to the turned-out gruel. Carefully mix everything and put on face the massing movements. Take means of 10 minutes, then wash away water of room temperature.

Peeling for sensitive skin from oat flakes

Very well the soft peeling from porridge purifies skin, sensitive, inclined to irritations. Take tablespoon of flakes and fill in them with the same amount of boiled water. When they bulk up, mix them with teaspoon of cream. Put mix on the cleaned face, massage and take 5 minutes. Wash away warm water and moisturize the skin cream.

The peeling on the basis of porridge can be used for oily skin if instead of cream to add acid milk to flakes.

Strawberry peeling for the mixed skin

For the combined skin care use means from tablespoon of the mashed strawberry mixed and a half tablespoon of honey and the same amount of almond oil. Put peeling on face, massage it 2-3 minutes and wash cool water.

If after peeling on skin there was irritation, it is necessary to wash broth of camomile and to put nutritious cream on face.

Honey peeling for normal skin

Take tablespoon of the become candied honey and mix it with teaspoon of lemon juice. Put on face on massage lines, take 5 minutes and wash away warm water. After peeling the moistening of the person cream is obligatory.

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