Effective remedies for dekapirovaniye of hair

Effective remedies for dekapirovaniye of hair

The problem of dekapirovaniye is to wash away paint from hair. The procedure is carried out in salons with use of professional tools which are the most effective. It is possible to carry out dekapirovaniye and at home, but for this purpose it is necessary to pick up the sparing decolouring product.

Coloring of hair not always yields desirable result. Can happen so that for the second day after the procedure it will want to get rid of not pleasant color. Deciding on dekapirovaniye, it is necessary to consider that it damages structure of hair. For a start professionals recommend to carry out superficial dekapirovaniye which will correct color. And only if the result does not suit you again, it is possible to address deeper remover.

Dark color can be washed away completely only professional tools, national methods are powerless here.

The mass of means for dekapirovaniye is presented at the cosmetic market. They are similar in structure and action, but can differ in concentration.

Means of "Hair Light Remake Color" is considered the most sparing. It is even not remover, and the proofreader. The product deletes artificial color, but does not mention natural pigment of hair. Such soft effect is caused by absence as a part of means of ammonia and peroxide. Naturally, it completely will not remove black paint from blond head of hear, but will practically not damage structure. One more product which is not destroying natural pigment - "Color-off" - is development of Farmen laboratory. Means provides not only washing of paint, but also the additional hair care caused by presence at structure of proteins of soy and the sprouted wheat grains. The pickling structure envelops each molecule of artificial dye, softly dissolves it and deletes from hair. At the same time the head of hear does not become colourless.

Means for dekapirovaniye cannot restore natural color, so products of superficial action only partially remove paint, and the deep remover decolours hair.

Means of "Nouvelle" differs in deeper action. It effectively washes away even dark paint, but can injure hair, porous or inclined to dryness. Therefore several days in a row after use of this means become nutritious mask for hair to restore elasticity and gloss. Dekapirovaniye by means of this product can be seen off only on the head of hear painted by artificial dye. It does not suit for removal of henna and basma. If coloring of hair was unsuccessful, it is possible to correct color by "Colorianne Color System" from BRELIL. This is blown to apply easily even in house conditions. It effectively washes away even black color. But for fixing of result of dekapirovaniye with means of "Colorianne Color System", it is necessary to paint right after the procedure head of hear bezammiachny paint. If you are going to make dekapirovaniye for the first time, stop the choice on washing of "Backtrack Paul Mitchel". This sparing means will provide correction of color and the restoring hair care as at set there is not only pickling structure, but also neutralized shampoo and the conditioner. Means of "Eclair Clair" deletes both artificial, and natural color from L’Oreal. Therefore after dekapirovaniye this product in several days it is necessary to decolour once again hair to remove yellow shade. Coloring of hair the sparing bezammiachny paint can become alternative to repeated clarification.

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