Effective remedies of fight against pimples

Effective remedies of fight against pimples

Pimples – often met problem, them still call acne. Such phenomenon is observed at the most part of the population and the majority want from it to get rid. Most often they disturb teenagers.

The acne is inflammation of skin at which sebaceous glands under the influence of bacteria swell up and are replenished with exudates of gray-green color. The most effective and safe method of permission of this problem is to get on reception to the expert or to buy means against pimples. But not all can afford it. Someone just has no money for expensive medicines, and some people are remote from civilization and live in the village. Therefore it is possible to use the checked folk remedies.

The main thing not to squeeze out pimples, otherwise on skin there will be scars or there will be blood poisoning. Ice improves blood circulation, removes excess fat and cleans from dirt. It is necessary to put ice to the place of formation of the pimple for couple of seconds. It is necessary to wait some time and to repeat this process once again. It will help to remove redness and hypostasis.Honey helps to accelerate healing and interferes with reproduction of bacteria. It is possible to put honey to the place of appearance of acne and to hold within half an hour then to wash water. And also it is possible to mix it with cinnamon and to apply before going to bed on the inflamed sites of skin. Juice of lemon can easily help to get rid of inflammations. It contains large amount of vitamin C. It is necessary to use only fresh juice. On the inflamed pimple it is possible to put the cotton pad impregnated with lemon juice or to make paste of one teaspoon of soda, water and lemon juice.

If pimples only one or two, then it is possible to use toothpaste. It will reduce has swelled and will dry pimple. But it is necessary to hold it not longer than hour. Too it is possible to wipe with lotion from aloe or parsley skin. For this purpose they should be mixed with water or vodka in the ratio 2:1. There is opportunity to do masks. They will help to fix painful problems of integuments. There are different types of masks, but not all from them really help. Best of all masks from laundry soap and honey will approach.

Mask from soap: laundry soap to grate, add water and to mix before emergence of dense foam. Further to mix 1 tablespoon of foam with 1 teaspoon of salt, to mix carefully. To wash and apply the turned-out mix to skin. The result will be noticeable in week.

Mask with honey: it is necessary to take 2 teaspoons of honey, egg yolk and several drops of lemon juice. All ingredients carefully to mix and apply for 10 minutes on affected areas of skin.

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