Effective removal of black color from hair

Effective removal of black color from hair

Many women like to change the appearance. They do not ignore and hair color. At the same time some are solved on such desperate experiments that then strongly are sorry about it. If to paint hair in black color, it will be very difficult to get rid of it. But there are several ways of implementation of this difficult task.

The best option will be to go to beauty shop or hairdressing salon and to entrust the head of hear to professionals. If there is no such opportunity, it is possible to buy special means and to be engaged in clarification of hair independently, having attentively read the instruction. Usually such means is called remover. Mode of operation when holding this procedure is as follows:

  1. To dissolve mix according to the instruction.
  2. To apply mix, since nape.3. To wrap up the head polyethylene and to wait 20 minutes.
  3. To wash out hair.5. If necessary to repeat Paragraphs 1-4 to four time.6. To apply converter (it is necessary to put several times) and again to wash out hair.

Means for clarification have chemical composition and therefore are very aggressive in relation to hair. You should not carry out all procedure of clarification in 1 day, it is necessary to do everything gradually. Otherwise strong damage can be caused to hair.

Owners of the weak or splitting hair in general should refuse use of similar means.

After holding this procedure the correct hair care is necessary, use the softening and moistening means, it is recommended to apply two times a week on tips of hair burdock oil. It is possible to try to clarify hair by means of laundry soap. It is necessary just to soap it locks after use of usual shampoo. Then to wash away soap broth of camomile or water with lemon juice and to apply balm. If necessary to repeat the procedure. The following method of disposal of black color – use of soda. The procedure of clarification by soda can be carried out only for the healthy and uninjured hair. 150 g of soda, 1 glass of warm water and teaspoon of salt are required. On clarification of long hair twice more ingredients are required. From all components it is necessary to prepare mix (ware has to be nonmetallic), by means of cotton tampon to apply on hair, to massage the head, to dress it in plastic bag for 1 hour, then mix needs to be washed away and for hour to put the conditioner. For a few weakened hair other option of clarification by soda is possible. It is necessary to part 80 g of soda in 500 ml of water. Ready solution needs to be applied on hair and to put on hat. 20 minutes later hair it is necessary to wash out, dry and repeat all procedure. It is possible to clarify hair and by means of ascorbic acid. 20 crushed tablets mix up and a half glass of shampoo. The received mix needs to be applied on hair and to wait 1–2 minutes then to wash away. After triple repetition of the procedure within week the result will be visible.

Ascorbic acid has wonderful property – to split dye, however such way can damage structure of hair not less, than professional tools.

If often to use chemical medicines for clarification, the hair can do much harm very strongly. If the result is necessary not urgently or there is no wish to harm hair, use of natural means, such as lemon, honey, kefir and oils is possible. For lemon mask it is necessary to crush 1 lemon, for this purpose it is possible to use the blender or the meat grinder. It is necessary to cover with the received pulp hair for 20–25 minutes. Then it is necessary to apply burdock oil for 15 minutes and to wash hair with usual shampoo. Honey should be warmed on water bath, to apply on hair and not to wash away within 6–8 hours. 8 procedures a month – will also appear visible result. The combined option – mask for hair from lemon and honey is possible. It is necessary to mix juice of one lemon with three tablespoons of honey. The received mix should be warmed on water bath and to apply on hair. Almond, olive and burdock oils will be suitable for clarification of hair. Previously heating any of them on water bath, it is necessary to apply on dry hair. Then it is necessary to put on hat the head and to leave mask for 5–7 hours. One more natural means for clarification of hair – kefir. It needs to be warmed up in the microwave and to apply on hair for 2–3 hours, and then to wash away warm water by means of shampoo.

It is necessary to consider that the hair painted by henna or basmy, almost do not give in to clarification.

It is necessary to approach the procedure of clarification of hair responsibly and to choose optimum way not to do much harm to the head of hear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team