Effective ways of fight against pimples

Effective ways of fight against pimples

Pimples – sore subject not only of teenagers, but also adults. We know set of ways for the solution of this problem. Following underwritten recommendations, it is possible to get rid quickly of pimples, without using expensive pharmaceutical medicines.

If the pubertal period has ended, and pimples all also develop, then it is serious occasion to address the doctor.

1. It is impossible to press pimples.

And this rule most important. So we carry infection on blood-groove.

2. It is impossible to use products that contain alcohol.

Owners of oily skin of the person need to forget about these means even. As an alternative – salicylic and zinc paste. It is put pointwise, locally to the place of inflammation. Water not to wash away, erase dry cotton tampon. To hold no more than one night.

3. It is impossible to dry up skin "umyvalka" for oily skin.

After regular application of such means, skin and will remain fat, but one more problem – dehydration will appear. Combination of the fat and dehydrated skin to treat very difficult therefore it is better not to bring skin to such state. On this soil of pimples will be even more.

4. To use the moistening means.

Widespread delusion – it is not necessary to moisturize oily skin, it already fat. If not to moisturize such skin, on it  even more pimples will develop again.

5. To use pharmaceutical ointments antibiotics, nonsense and contractubex.

It is much more effective and much cheaper. "Cheap" anti-inflammatory eye, gums ointments, wounds and so forth are very effective in fight against heat-spots. For example, erythromycin. It is enough to squeeze out small amount of ointment and to completely cover with it pimple. Further to impose cotton pad (it will be pasted). In such look to go to sleep. Next morning the pimple will not be.

  The nonsense and contractubex will be suitable for care for the pimply person. The effect of nonsense will be noticeable in one and a half or two weeks. From contractubex – in several days. Nonsense means cheaper. It is necessary in the form of gel. It is applied in two layers, and then the third layer – only on heat-spots. To leave nonsense for 30 minutes, then to wash away strong lemon juice with camomile broth. In several days problem skin will strongly change.

7. From pimples clay mixes will help.

But it is necessary to put mix not on all face, and pointwise, on inflammations. To use at the same time only black clay, having added to it previously orange or lavender essential oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team