Effective ways of hair recovery after remover

Effective ways of hair recovery after remover

To correct situation of unsuccessfully dyed hair or just to restore their natural color, it is necessary to resort to remover (dekapirovaniye). However this procedure has pernicious effect on condition of locks of hair. Their structure is in most cases broken: hair begin to drop out, tarnish, become dry and dim. There is urgent need of their restoration.

After dekapirovaniye of hair it is necessary to use the shampoo and conditioner developed especially for locks which have been painted or damaged. Hair during this period will need especially food therefore them care products have to contain natural extracts of hop, millet or nettles. Hop promotes strengthening of hair, and nettle and millet – to recovery of their structure.

Process of rehabilitation of hair after dekapirovaniye can include additional measures for care for curls. Application of house masks for hair and conditioners concerns them. It is necessary to remember that after two months of treatment it is desirable to stop these procedures as experts do not recommend to oversaturate hair nutrients for some time.

Excellent means of food and moistening of the hair weakened after remover is the oil mask. Burdock, olive, coconut or sesame oil will be suitable for its preparation. It is also possible to use the combined option. Three tablespoons of the chosen oil should be warmed up on water bath. Warm mix is applied to head skin and distributed on all length of hair. After that the processed hair should be wrapped plastic bag and terry towel. Hold time of such mask varies of half an hour till two o'clock. Upon termination of the procedure oil is washed away by warm water with shampoo use.

Preparation of honey mask will require 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix should be applied evenly on hair by means of hairbrush and to leave for half an hour. Upon termination of time – to wash away warm water.

Recovery of structure of the pickled hair is promoted by mask from henna. Colourless henna gets divorced warm water until begins to remind dense sour cream. After that the turned-out mix is applied on roots of hair, being evenly distributed on all locks and curls. The mask is maintained quarter of hour then it is washed away by warm water with shampoo. The simplest is considered mayonnaise mask. It is possible to do it several times a day: mayonnaise should be distributed on all length of hair and to leave for 10 minutes. Then to wash away warm water with shampoo use. Such mask besides recovery of structure of locks and giving of gloss to them promotes acceleration of growth of hair. Effective way of hair recovery after remover is infusion of camomile pharmaceutical. For its preparation it is necessary to fill in the camomile flowers taken in number of three tablespoons, liter of abrupt boiled water. Then broth hides in the place protected from light and infuses one day. It is possible to rinse with such infusion problem hair after each washing of the head. It will add to curls healthy gloss and shine. It is desirable to dry hair in the natural way (without use of the household hair dryer).

It is necessary to know that the hair recovery will be more effective if together with use of external means to use the vitamin and mineral complexes intended for the use inside.

Infusion of nettle copes with this problem not worse, than infusion on flowers of camomile pharmaceutical. Urticaceous broth rehabilitates the hair injured by remover, giving them vital force. For its preparation it is necessary to fill in with one liter of abrupt boiled water the leaves of dry nettle taken in number of three tablespoons. The received broth infuses in the dark place before full cooling. It is recommended to use periodically nettle infusion after washing of hair.

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