Efficiency of strawberry cosmetics

Efficiency of strawberry cosmetics

Strawberry is not only favourite summer delicacy, but also very useful means for skin. These berries contain huge reserve of vitamins, oils, microelements which will render advantage not only at consumption, but also at external application.

Than strawberry is useful to skin

Strawberry is well of useful substances, however it is possible to emit vitamins and microelements which are most useful to skin. Retinolum (vitamin A) – the natural anti-inflammatory and moistening means, folic acid (B9 vitamin) which protects skin from harmful ultra-violet radiation, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which, as well as antioxidants, is capable to struggle with the free radicals causing aging, biotin (vitamin H) restoring the damaged cages concerns those. Also at strawberry there are potassium and calcium normalizing moisture content level in epidermis and doing skin gentle and silky.

Strawberry cosmetics is useful to women with the withering skin – it perfectly smoothes wrinkles, nourishes skin, slows down aging processes. Strawberry improves complexion therefore with it it is desirable to apply means during the spring period when the organism most of all suffers from avitaminosis.

Strawberry is capable to moisturize the skin, but at the same time it narrows pores therefore cream and mask with it suit young ladies both with fat, and with dry skin. And thanks to Retinolum possessing anti-inflammatory action, this berry effectively copes with pimples and eels.

If you show allergy when you eat strawberry, you should refuse also cosmetics which part this berry is. Probability is high that reaction will appear and in this case.

Recipes of cosmetics with strawberry

In hot weather it is pleasant to use the refreshing and tonic cubes of the frozen strawberry juice. Choose several large berries and squeeze out from them juice. Pour the turned-out liquid in molds for ice and freeze. In the morning and wipe face with ice cube in the evening. Such procedure will moisturize the skin and will improve complexion.

Strawberry has the bleaching effect and is capable to make freckles and pigmental spots are lighter.

The srub with strawberry will be to the taste to owners of oily skin. For its preparation take big berry, pound it and mix with pinch of sea salt and teaspoon of kefir. Put the turned-out means on face and mass skin within several minutes then wash away water. Strawberry masks give the excellent rejuvenating effect. Add teaspoon of olive oil and several crushed strawberry berries to tablespoon of cottage cheese. Mix mix to uniform state and put it on face. Leave for 15 minutes, and later this time wash away cool water.

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