Epilation diode laser: description of the procedure

Epilation diode laser: description of the procedure

Epilation the diode laser – one of the most progressive methods of disposal of unnecessary hair on body and face. The device allows to remove quickly and completely even light or too thin hairs, doing skin ideally smooth and well-groomed.

Diode laser: in what advantages

Essence of operation of the diode laser – melanin destruction (dark pigment) in cores and follicles of hairs. Final disposal of vegetation requires several procedures. After everyone hairs become more and more thin and rare, the speed of their growth slows down.

Cosmetologists recommend diode option, considering what it has much less contraindications. The principle of operation of other lasers same, however each of devices has small shortcomings:

  • At insufficient qualification of the cosmetologist burns are possible. It is insufficiently effective on suntanned skin.
  • Is not suitable for fair hair, badly influences follicles.
  • Yields more short-term result, many clients consider the procedure too painful. Side effects are possible: microburns, rash, hems.

Among pluses of the diode laser there is availability of the sapphire tip cooling the processed surface. Process of disposal of unnecessary vegetation turns out almost painless, hairs without problems are removed even in such sensitive zones as area over upper lip or armpits. A lot of things depend on individual perception, but the women who were repeatedly doing laser epilation note that the procedure with the diode device takes place quite tolerantly.

Unlike electroepilation, when processing by the diode laser skin is not injured, on it scars and hems are not formed. The flash acts on level terms, destroying follicles inside. It allows to avoid problem of the grown hairs, epilation, characteristic of other types.    

Indications to the procedure

Processing by the diode laser suits both women, and men. Thanks to the sparing technology, are possible epilation of any sites, for once it is authorized to process significant areas without harm for skin. The diode laser has well proved to be on skin of different shade including suntanned.

The procedure can be recommended:

  • to the people with sensitive skin who are badly enduring pain;
  • to the men wishing to get rid of dark dots on face after shaving;
  • to persons with the increased pigmentation;
  • everything, suffering from the growing hairs.

Processing by the diode laser has shown good results with the strengthened growth of hair or excessively dense vegetable cover, folikullita. The procedure is suitable for difficult sites. The diode epilation can be combined with other useful procedures: laser rejuvenation, removal of capillary grid.  

Possible contraindications

Before the procedure the cosmetologist has to ask the client on availability of diseases at which laser procedures are not recommended. Treat them:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • suspicion of malignant tumors;
  • diabetes;
  • herpes in active form;
  • pathologies of heart and vessels;
  • allergic reactions;
  • nervous breakdowns;
  • dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema in active form;
  • acne rash in processing zone;
  • hypersensibility of skin;
  • hormonal failures of various nature.

It is not recommended to carry out laser epilation to pregnant women and the feeding women and also those who accepts antibiotics. Strong medicines increase sensitivity of skin, appearance of rash and even small burns is possible.

It should be taken into account also what part of the body is supposed to subject epilations. For example, processing of legs is not recommended to the women having varicosity. Use of the laser in zone of bikini is forbidden at diseases of bodies of small pelvis, and patients cannot epilirovat armpits with benign tumors of breast.

Skin should not have noticeable damages, scratches and grazes, tattoos or permanent make-up are undesirable (it is important at zone epilation over upper lip). If the patient has many birthmarks, it is worth consulting with the dermatologist or the oncologist. The procedure cannot be carried out also to aged people till 15 flyings.

The diode laser operates softly, however after the procedure insignificant side effects are possible: itch, skin reddening, slight rash. Usually these manifestations take place in several hours without additional treatment. At severe itch it is possible to take the antihistaminic drugs. At clients with swarty or excessively suntanned skin the emergence of light specks, and in rare instances even burns is possible.

As the epilation is carried out

That the epilation the diode laser has passed successfully, it is important to choose the good expert. Before the procedure the cosmetologist interviews the client, revealing possible contraindications. The type and skin color, indumentum shade is estimated. Blondes or elderly women with gray-haired hairs on body can have less obvious result.   

Preparation for the procedure begins in 2 days. It is recommended to shave hairs on zone which will undergo processing. By the time of epilation the tips will grow up to 1 mm - it is ideal length for fast destruction follicle. Just before laser processing it is impossible to delete indumentum in addition not to irritate the skin. It is strictly forbidden to pull out hairs tweezers or to apply the depilating creams, these procedures reduce efficiency of the laser.   

The area which is subject to epilation has to be absolutely clean. It is impossible to apply perfumery or cosmetics to skin, it can provoke burns. Also the oils creating film which prevents fast removal of unnecessary hairs are not recommended.

Before the procedure of the patient seat in chair or stack on couch, offer the dark glasses protecting eyes from flashes. The cooling gel is applied on skin which will be subjected to processing. In the course of epilation the gel covering will protect epidermis from excess thermal energy and will kill pain. Additional anesthesia is in certain cases performed, but usually it is not required.

The site of skin is processed by tip from sapphire crystal. The laser works with flashes, their quantity depends on type of hair and size of epiliruyemy zone. Most quicker there is processing of area over upper lip, on full epilation at the master no more than 15 minutes leave. It is necessary to spend for processing of legs 3 hours and more. In the course of removal the patient feels smell of fake hair, you should not worry about it.

Leaving after the procedure  

Right after processing, skin can redden slightly. The active hair loss will begin in several days, and there is it unevenly. The cosmetologist will report about time of the following epilation (and it surely will be required). Usually 4-5 sessions are required, but additional processing can be necessary for some. Everything depends on the growth rate of hair and their density.If skin after laser epilation looks edematous, the light heat or pricking is felt, it is possible to apply drug against burns, for example, gel or Bepanten foam. Also usual children's cream without additional additives will approach. It is authorized to take shower and to wash, using the softest neutral detergents. Hot bathtubs, visit of bath (especially pair), contrast douches are strictly forbidden. It is impossible to rub the processed leather, to use rigid basts and srubs.

After epilation the diode laser does not recommend long e stay in the sun, suntan and visit of sunbed are excluded. It will be possible to go to the beach not earlier than in 2 weeks after the procedure. Going outside, it is necessary to apply on the processed zones cream with high protective factor. Naturally, this recommendation concerns only open sites: persons, shins, hands.

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