Epilation wax: pros and cons

Epilation wax: pros and cons

Among various ways of fight against undesirable vegetation on body the waxing is one of the most popular and has centuries-old history. The appeal of wax consists not only in its availability, but also possibility of independent application, it is only necessary to know how to use it it is correct.

There are several types of wax for epilation, different not only on method of application, but also by the achieved result. The simplest in application - the cold wax which is on sale in the form of ready strips which are enough to be warmed in hands then at once to use. But this wax has essential shortcoming: bulbs are practically not injured, and hair grow already several days later after carrying out epilation.

Better epilator is warm wax which temperature only slightly exceeds body temperature. It can be warmed on water bath or in the microwave, at the same time the consistence of wax will remain creamy that allows it to be linked successfully even to the shortest hair.

For the most painless epilation hot wax which prepares skin is used, opening under the influence of time temperature. It is used not only for legs, but also for bikini zone. The similar epilation wax in house conditions demands certain skill as without special voskoplav to warm it more hotly, but not up to the burning temperature, it is not always possible from the first.

When choosing wax for epilation it is necessary to consider that it is impossible to use it in the presence of varicosity and inflammatory processes on skin.

Before epilation skin needs to be prepared, having washed up and having dried up as the surface has to be fat-free. It not only will facilitate epilation, but also the subsequent removal of residues of wax. Wax needs to be warmed up to the temperature corresponding to its type then by means of the pallet to apply to skin and to press fabric or paper strip for depilation. After wax cools down, it will be necessary only to tear off sharply strip with it from skin in the direction against the natural growth of hair. Upon termination of the procedure it is good to apply the calming cream or lotion to clean skin to prevent possible irritation.

Length of hair for successful epilation has to be not less than 0.5 cm, otherwise it will not be possible to take them by means of wax simply.

Advantages of waxing are obvious: - available cost of consumables; - possibility of independent carrying out; - long-term effect; - thinning of hair, subsequent to regular application. But also minuses wax are also available for epilation: - emergence of irritation on skin; - incidental growing of hair; - morbidity of the procedure though responses on this subject can be found various, and in many respects feelings depend on individual sensitivity of the person.

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