Erotic headdresses: tattoo under breast

Erotic headdresses: tattoo under breast

Female tattoos are fashionable again! More often it is not panthers and color roses in all forearm, and lovely tattoos on more erotic places. For example, enjoy wide popularity of tattoo under breast.

Girls when choosing part of the body for drawing tattoo need to be especially attentive: tattoos on hips (provide what they will turn with age into) and also stomach and breast are undesirable (provide what they will turn after the delivery into). And here under breast – the fact that it is necessary!

Tattoo pluses under breast

First, it is very erotic and juicy. Secondly, this tattoo will be seen by only very close people – after all, not all girls want to apply tattoo on those parts of the body which are open for public inspection. Thirdly, such tattoo gives big scope for creativity! It can be any: small or big, romantic or rebellious, monophonic or color …

By the way, one more moment. Some choose this place for drawing the drawing to hide scar after operation – on lungs or on increase in breast, for example.

What drawing to choose

Matter of taste, of course. Someone has enough several small prints of cat's paws, and someone puts the whole picture – as, for example, the singer Rihanna who has pinned to herself under both breasts the Egyptian goddess Ishtar. And still say to the Tat master that under breast not too big tattoos with horizontal arrangement best of all look. What to put?

  • • asterisks – it is lovely, but it is already worn a little out; • the anchor – the hope symbol which has become fashionable in the West, however at us it is associated with headdresses of severe seamen; • birds – it is very fashionable, but choose uncommon drawings, tattoos should not be conveyor; • animal – only not snakes and other predators, this fashion has taken place in the 90th! Kitties – has become boring … Choose some amusing animal – for example, turtle. Or the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland; • lacing with bow – motive from boudoir tattoo, popular among girls: now many put the tattoos imitating elastic band of stockings on hips, bows, tapes, corset lacings. It is very lovely and womanly; • the inscription – in principle, can be in any language, but inscriptions in Latin, the English, French languages are most popular. Make sure that you know how it is translated. It is desirable that its contents was not too defiant, after all rough expression on gentle maiden skin is search; • ornament – Polynesian and Indian ornaments, however, under breast them are popular now put infrequently … Well, it is better for those – you will be allocated! It will be interesting to look the narrow strip of ornament going under breast from one side to another. Tattoos – it is impudent and juicy and if to make one under breast, it will become your small secret which you will open for those to whom want.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team