Errors of carrying out waxing in house conditions

Errors of carrying out waxing in house conditions

All of us love economy of money and time. Instead of addressing to good salon, many decide to make waxing in house conditions. And, alas, often the result does not please at all, especially those who else have no such skill.

Such problems are familiar to much of those who conducts epilation independently: the grown hair, irritation, residues of wax on skin.

In this article I will tell about the main mistakes in carrying out epilation.

1. Skin, unprepared to the procedure.

To avoid insufficient coupling of skin with wax it is necessary to prepare it. For this purpose before the procedure it is necessary to proskrabirovat the place of epilation. The srub can be made independently (using sugar, ground coffee, ground nutshell, coconut flakes, etc.), or to buy special means. The most preferable is the second option.

2. Degreasing of skin before epilation.

It is very important to remove skin fat from the place of epilation. For this purpose it is necessary to use special means, or to use face toner. The place needs to be wiped with the cotton pad moistened in means.

3. Wax purchase.

All procedure depends on quality of wax. The best option to buy professional wax in salon.

It is also important to ignore the test for allergic reaction never. Apply wax on bend of elbow and leave for 5 minutes. If there is no irritation, itch and reddenings, it is possible to use it.

4. Wax heating temperature.

Many heat wax on water bath, leaning on the feelings in temperature. So easily it is possible not to guess. Too cold wax is very badly applied and even worse is removed, and too hot can cause burns. Attentively read packing on which wax heating temperature has to be specified, use the thermometer and constantly you monitor heating.

5. Wrong drawing.

The layer of wax which is put by means of shovel should not be thick. The thick layer will be much more difficult to be deleted.

Also obligatory moments is speed and the small area of drawing as wax very quickly cools down.

6. Short or long hairs.

Length of hair has to be about 5 mm. If they are shorter, wax will not capture them. And longer can grow and it will be much more sick.

7. Removal of hair in the wrong direction.

Wax needs to be removed only against growth of hair and to pull parallel to skin.

8. Too slow or fast otryvaniye of strip.

If to tear off slowly - it will be sick. If to pull too sharply - the hematoma can be formed. For a start it is necessary to be trained with speed on the small site of skin.

9. Wrong removal of residues of wax.

Sticky traces need to be deleted from wax with any vegetable oil, but not soap and towel.

10. Wrong skin care after the procedure.

After the procedure it is necessary to wipe skin with any skin antiseptic agent, and after to use milk for body.

11. Carrying out operation before suntan or at once after suntan.

The epilation needs to be carried out in 3 days before suntan and in week later.

12. Use of contraceptives.

In order to avoid damages it is better to address to salon since skin during use of contraceptives more gentle and sensitive

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team