Essential oil of not role: useful properties

Essential oil of not role: useful properties

Essential oils are used by mankind throughout many centuries, their salutary impact on organism is indisputable. Not role oil, meanwhile not too popular in Russia, is recognized as one of the most refined and besides extremely useful.

Not Roly call essential oil of bitter orange, or bitter orange (Latin of citrus vulgaris); it has received the unusual name in honor of Anna-Maria Orsini, the princess Nerolskaya liking to use it for aromatization of gloves and for acceptance of bathtubs. Neroli oil differs in density, has dark brown color, at its structure there is fragrant substance nerol. It has the cool sweetish citrus aroma which is bearing a faint resemblance to bergamot. In strongly concentrated form the smell is sharp and not really pleasant. Oil is received by extraction from flowers of bitter orange. Inflorescences gather manually during the period since the end of April until the beginning of May.

Not role oil also is aphrodisiac. On the other hand, it is also good to use it at meditations.

The aroma of not role is called often Gipsy because of its hypnotic and at the same time imperceptible aroma.

Cosmetic and curative properties

Has found for Not Roly broad application in the cosmetic and perfumery industry. It is one of the most valuable and expensive oils, along with argan and pink. Neroli oil is ideal for daily skin care. It stimulates process of cell renewal, and therefore is effective for the rejuvenating procedures. Not Roly suits all types of skin, but first of all he should be recommended to owners dry and sensitive: it removes irritation, eliminates small drawings of blood vessels, liquidates acne and herpetic rash, helps at fight against eczemas and couperoses. It is also capable to make less noticeable scars and extensions. Oil can also be used for wrapping of hair: it strengthens and increases their elasticity.

Not role oil also is aphrodisiac. On the other hand, it is also good to use it at meditations.

Emotional influence

Other scope of essential oil is, of course, aromatherapy. As a part of not role there is linalol therefore it exclusively well influences emotional condition of the person, helps at neurosises and at early stages of depression, eliminates insomnia. In mix with almond oil of not role use for blood circulation improvement.

Several drops of not role can be added to shampoos, hair balms, body lotions, etc.

That oil could prove completely and has not done harm to organism, it is necessary to take care of the correct dosage. For aromavann there is enough 3-7 drops, for potpourri burners – 4-7, for massage – 5 drops on 5 g of oil basis, for compresses – 5-7 drops.

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