Essential oil of walnut: useful properties, application

Essential oil of walnut: useful properties, application

oil to well wide range of buyers, but at the same time is used infrequently. And it is absolutely vain, the same useful properties, as well as to fruits are inherent in it. Such essential oil can be used in various purposes, including improvement of condition of skin and increase in immunity.

The composition of oil of walnut is unique: it includes more useful components, than the majority of other similar means. In particular, it is about large amount of vitamin E and also about copper, phosphorus, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine, vitamins of group B, A, K, C, SS. Thanks to so rich set of components this oil can be used for elimination of different problems with health and for improvement of appearance.

Essential oil of walnut is applied not only as external means. It can be used even as additional ingredient for gas station of cold dishes.

This means perfectly is suitable for prevention of diseases of cardiovascular system and for metabolism normalization. Also it promotes increase in immunity and its maintenance at the high level. People of different age can use such essential oil, however it is necessary to consider that it most effectively helps elderly. In particular, it is the good assistant in fight against atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, ischemia and many diseases which are shown generally in old age.

Essential oil of walnut excellently is suitable for skin moistening. It does not leave fat marks, is easily absorbed, quickly removes irritation, helps to fight against red spots and pimples, cracks on skin. The effect appears very quickly: as a rule, within 3-4 minutes the feeling of tightness, itch disappears.

This means is recommended to be used first of all to owners of problem and dry skin. In particular, it can be part of express masks in cases when it is necessary to calm quickly skin and to level its shade.

People who only have begun to recover from serious illness, have endured operation or serious trauma, are recommended to use daily inside small amount of oil of walnut. Certainly, the doctor has to appoint dose. Thanks to features of the structure and variety of useful properties such means helps to be restored quicker, does rehabilitation process easier, raises tone. Essential oil of walnut can be used also in the cosmetic purposes. First of all it is about the rejuvenating procedures: such means helps to reduce wrinkles, to smooth skin, to return it beautiful equal shade and elasticity. It is used also for ensuring uniform golden suntan and for protection of skin against burns during acceptance of solar bathtubs. As essential oil of walnut contributes to normalization of metabolism, it can be used as additional tool in fight against excess weight. There are also other options of use of this means. In particular, it promotes mitigation of cuticles and strengthening of nails and also helps to restore beauty of fragile, too dry hair. To achieve the necessary effect, it is possible to include oil in structure of baths, house creams and masks for hair.

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