Essential oils in aromatherapy

Essential oils in aromatherapy

– one of the most known directions of nonconventional medicine. According to some experts, thanks to competent use of essential oils it is possible to improve considerably the psychological and physical state.

When carrying out aromatherapy in house conditions it is necessary to follow several important rules, after all essential oils have various effect. For example, they can promote both to stimulation, and delay of working activity.

On the other hand, everything is good moderately. Aromatic oils possess incredibly strong action therefore their excessive application can affect the general health considerably. As a rule, when holding session of aromatherapy of couple of drops of essential oil happens enough, and it is necessary to apply it not every day.

Besides, it is necessary to select aroma correctly. First of all, the smell has to awaken in you certain positive emotions. To check whether really you suit this oil, apply couple of drops on fabric or handkerchief and try to inhale this smell within several hours. Other way to make sure of correctness of the chosen oil – to add couple of drops to hand cream or faces and to apply it to skin. If after the similar procedures the aroma has not bothered you and has not begun to cause allergic reaction, you on right way. In general it is possible to use aromatic oils in different ways: during massage or reception of bathtub. Some prefer to do with them inhalations and compresses.

Each aromatic oil is characterized by certain properties. Lavender oil has effective anti-inflammatory, wound healing, spazmolitichesky, soothing or diuretic characteristics. Similar properties are inherent also in juniper oil. Rose oil – magnificent antiseptic agent and antidepressant. Also it is used for strengthening of walls of veins, by improvements of blood circulation, normalization of work grease and sweat glands, stomach, intestines, disposal of grief and stress. Besides, it is one more of powerful aphrodisiacs. Rosemary oil has similar properties. In addition it helps with fight against skin diseases – eczema and dermatitis. One more aphrodisiac is oil of jasmine and ilang-lang. The ylang-ylang helps to normalize violations of menstrual cycle at women, has the weakening effect and promotes recovery of nervous system. Besides, eucalyptus oil will help to get rid of stress. It is shown to be applied at neuralgia and migraines and also as febrifugal, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. In other words, at such abundance of aromatic oils everyone will be able to pick up to itself(himself) certain product under the needs.

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