Essential oils: what most useful to skin

Essential oils: what most useful to skin

As a part of quality cosmetics often it is possible to see various natural essential oils which separately or in complex are with each other capable to deal with any given problem of skin: withering, dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation, greasy luster or acne. Small bottles with odorous mixes are also on sale in drugstore as they can be used in house conditions. It is only important to know their properties and what skin specifically needs.


1. Consider that the ready cosmetics bought in shop often contains preservatives. In the majority it cannot give guarantee of 100% of natural product. Study all useful properties of essential oils to learn to prepare means for face skin independently.

2. Having come into drugstore, choose those from them which are useful all-type skin and are basic. That is it is possible to add other useful ingredients to them to achieve desirable effect. This oil of sprouts of wheat, jojoba, grape seeds, shi and almond oil.

3. Similarly, as base, it is possible to use children's cream. Cream do not use others as compound of chemical components with essential oils can be unpredictable. Add fragrant drops strictly according to the instruction which is attached to each bubble. Usually it is 1-3 drops. They are enough for disposable dose of basic component, cream or mask.

4. Now remember or define skin type: normal, fat, dry, combined, mature, sensitive, acne. Depending on individual characteristics of integument of the person choose additional aromas which you will add to basic. For sensitive and dry skin, inclined to irritation, buy oil of blue camomile, Myrrha, patchouli, roses, jasmine, geranium.

5. If face skin differs in the fat content, black dots, then it needs to be dried, and to narrow skin. At the same time such skin needs to be moisturized. Have all above-mentioned properties grapefruit essential oil and also rosemary, incense, lemon grass, tangerine, fennel, anise, lemon, melissa, jasmine, juniper, cypress.

6. For the withering skin select the components smoothing wrinkles and also capable of effect of lifting. These are oil concentrates of hyssop, basil, Myrrha, geranium, rose, ilang, fennel, jasmine, juniper, not role, anise, cypress, bigardiya, tangerine and lavender. All of them possess the rejuvenating influence for mature skin and also at appearance of the first wrinkles. It is useful to add them to masks and face cream and also for body.

7. Around eyes use other, more gentle masks. This santalaceous oil, juniper and pine. All of them promote removal of hypostases, help at blue circles.

8. Remember that some essential oils increase skin photoageing. That is during the putting cosmetics and exit in sunny weather to the street, on face skin pigmental spots can be formed. Therefore during the summer period exclude from the use all citrus substances and also tangerine, rosemary, ginger, carrots, littseyu cubeb, limes, cinnamon, caraway seeds at all.

9. From pimples add in cream tea tree oil, orange, carnation, sandal-wood tree, eucalyptus, myrtle, not role, blue camomile, basil, cypress, lemon grass, incense. They help at any inflammations with different types of skin. The lavender helps to get rid of hems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team