Evening body care

Evening body care

In modern crazy rhythm of life of the woman not always manage to look after themselves in the afternoon. But it is at all not occasion to be upset. Night hours – great time that the nature has taken care of your beauty! During this period your body is relaxed, time does not fly anywhere and it is possible to enjoy effect of cosmetics quietly.

Heat bath – the first step your Spa programs. Water not only will relax muscles and will calm nerves, but also will prepare your skin for procedures. In the bathroom it is possible to use srub or body gel, mask for hair and face, to add to grass water, such as camomile and sage.

Body care after bathtub. It is possible to apply with massage movements lotion – it not only will calm skin, but also will help you to sleep better. Besides, after bathtub treat procedures hand and legs care, behind face and neck.

Hand and legs care. Hands the first give age of the woman. But very often ladies do not give to care for this part of body enough time to give them former youth and beauty. Most of all hand and legs need moistening and recovery of water balance for last day. Get special cream as all necessary components enter them. It is better to apply night cream and dense layer, it will restore amount of moisture necessary for skin. After drawing it is necessary to put on the special socks and gloves made of cotton.

Face skin care. For face skin care at night it is possible to use not only cream. Now on counters of drugstores and shops it is possible to find set of serums, humidifiers, gels from bags and dark circles under eyes. The main thing that the chosen means was night. Besides, night – the excellent assistant to treat acne, many means have either strong smell or opaque texture that absolutely not very well at night.

Dream. It is important that during sleep your neck was in the correct situation. It is necessary to get pillow, ideal for you. During sleep the head should not be thrown back, but also the chin should not be pressed to breast. At uncomfortable position of neck you not only do not get enough sleep and will wake up with headaches, but also can get serious diseases.

In house conditions it is possible to do massage by hot stones. It is enough to find big smooth stone, to place it in bowl with water and aromatic oils and to allow to heat up, then to place on breast and not to remove half an hour.

Night – remarkable opportunity to give to the body charge of health and positive energy the forthcoming day of work. Look after the body, and it will surely reciprocate to you: healthy shine and softness of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team