Evening hairstyle. Beautiful bunch from hair

Evening hairstyle. Beautiful bunch from hair

The hairstyle is self-expression of inner world of the woman. That as us is perceived by people around, in many respects depends on our appearance. You prepare evening action or some holiday? Then not to do you without suitable hairstyle. The beautiful hairstyle is capable to change inexpressibly you, to make of you the princess. There is wrong opinion that it is subject only to stylists.

It is required to you

  • - invisible beings;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - elastic bands;
  • - hairpin;
  • - hairspray


  1. We comb hair and we collect in low tail, we tie elastic band. We take small lock of hair and we wind around elastic band that it was not visible. The remained tip of lock is pinned up by the invisible being.
  2. Now we divide hair into two equal parts, we pin up one part aside that did not disturb. Let's begin weaving of the first half of hair. We separate from it lock from the right and we divide into three parts, we begin to spin usual braid.
  3. Now it is necessary to separate from outside lock of hair and to attach to average lock, continuing to spin braid. We continue weaving, separating lock behind lock from outside attaching it to weaving. Thus, we do plait, there will be no hair left from outside yet. When we do not separate any more, hair from outside, we continue to spin braid further till the end.
  4. In the same way we spin the soulmate of hair. We separate lock with Leva and we divide it into three equal parts. We begin to spin braid, gradually adding lock from outside. The lock from outside joins always average lock in weaving. We watch that wattled halves were one length.
  5. When the braid to is braided, we connect two halves, at the same time slightly unplaiting the hair. We form three locks and we spin ordinary braid. To spinning braid up to the end, we fix it elastic band. Now we sprain weaving in inside and we attach invisible beings. Further we form evenly hair on both sides, fixing invisible beings. We fix hairstyle by hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team