Evening laying on hair of different length

Evening laying on hair of different length

To action it is always necessary to look stylish and brightly. Therefore the hairstyle has to be to fashionable and her suitable owner. Evening laying can be made for hair of different length.

For caret it is possible to do hair not worse, than for long hair. By means of invisible beings pin up front hair at nape so that the arch was formed. Take locks more thinly for effect of puff hairstyle. In conclusion of laying attach hairpins ornament in the form of flower on nape.

Use bandage for the head to create accurate laying in the Greek style. Take away bang and wrap the ends of hair inside under bandage.

If you are fan of the 20th years, it is possible to make the well-known wet wave. This stylish laying is carried out by means of gel and clips for hair. Having plentifully moistened the head with water and gel, it is necessary to pin up locks, creating smooth wave. After drying you receive fashionable laying in style of Golden Age.

Evening laying for hair of different length can be simple and difficult. The classical hairstyle can turn out if you use bagel for hair. Make horse tail. Then pass it throughout bagel and straighten hair on its sides. Remove the ends of hair hairpins. Hairpins with pearl heads will become touch-up for evening hairstyle. To create image in style of the 50th years, you will need to change hairstyle form. It is ideal if you have hair of one length though it is possible to cope also with the graduated hairstyle. Give to hair volume at roots. Use for this purpose varnish or just pile. Further all attention is paid to tips. Take round hairbrush for drying and by means of the hair dryer twirl the ends from the face. So you receive image of the American of the 50th. Braid cones on all head, without using the ends of hair. Fix the remained hair by crab. Wind them on thermohair curlers. 20 minutes later you receive tail with elastic curls. You can divide it into parts and braid some locks in thin braids, creating asymmetry. Interesting laying turns out when using flagellums. You need just to twist locks of hair in one party. Fix them by hairpins and wait couple of hours. It is possible to leave hair removed in plaits or to untwine them. Then you receive gentle curls. To enhance effect, it is possible to carry out by the rectifier for hair on plaits. The curls similar on natural will turn out.

Girls with magnificent long hair will suit classical laying. You can twist nippers curls. Than longer you hold them, especially dense they will be. Use means of thermoprotection not to spoil hair. Evening laying for hair of different length can include various elements. Make cone on the one side of the head obliquely. Twist another in easy curls. The cone has to pass smoothly to curls, creating effect of volume. By means of hairpins it is possible to pin up curls on other party so that tips of hair closed ears and layers went down. Divide hair into six parts. Twist two front locks in curls. The subsequent curtail two into identical cones. And braid occipital locks in braids. Then wrap these braids around cones. So at you the uniform hairstyle which is called also aries will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team