Excess hairs on face: how to get rid quickly and without serious consequences

Excess hairs on face: how to get rid quickly and without serious consequences

Ladies dream of smooth skin which healthy shine would attract men. And vegetation on face does not fit into this ideal image of the graceful lady built in the female head at all. So to do if such problem after all arises?

To understand what ways on removal of excess hairs effective, it is necessary to study practical recommendations. Face care – business responsible, demanding attentiveness when using different means.

As it is possible to remove excess hairs

Fight against undesirable vegetation on face is not always justified by wax, sugar pastes or epilators as in that case not to avoid unpleasant feelings.

For painless fight against excess hairs it is possible:

1.    Will ask for the help specialists in epilation, cosmetologists in dermatological clinics or beauty shops.

2.    To delete hairs in house conditions with special chemical means, or resorting to "popular wisdom".

As for the first option, experts will offer you options of removal of hair, various on price category, among which the most widespread is the laser epilation. It by the nature is painless, but only when there are no contraindications of the doctor, allergic reactions, irritations, damages, sensitivity of skin and other nuances which without fail need to be discussed with the cosmetologist.

Not all women have opportunity to regularly visit expensive clinics or salons, and there is a wish to look perfectly always. And it is worth thinking: whether it is necessary to give considerable money for what can be made and at home?

Painless methods of removal of hairs

Depilation unlike epilation (removal of hair together with bulb) leaves hypodermic part of hair in integrity, deleting only external part. It is possible to make depilation as by means of the ordinary razor, and applying cream, special pitches or folk remedies.

Chemical removal of hair is designed for destruction of keratin (main component of hair). The effect of application of chemical means will remain not for long. Method rather painless (on condition of lack of allergic reactions). Most often means for chemical removal are on sale in the form of hair removal cream.

Disposal of hair in the national ways

National recipes of disposal of hairs on face often include one of the listed components:

- iodine and sal ammoniac;

- hydrogen peroxide;

- potassium permanganate;

- green grapes;

- pine nuts;

- walnut (partitions, shell) and other.

Recipes from natural vegetable components (grapes, nutlets) are considered as the safest. Folk remedies at the correct application are also effective. But some of them should be used carefully not to do much harm to skin.

Iodine, sal ammoniac, potassium permanganate and peroxide will give positive effect only at implicit following to security measures and exact application according to the recipe as aggressive components can leave burn at misuse or cause irritation of skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team